20 Things Every Mom Misses Desperately Now That She Has Kids

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children runningI was standing in the shower, face in the stream of water, when my daughter poked her head 'round the curtain. "I can't get my bathing suit on!" she cried. Silly her for expecting me to manage the bathing suit while I was bathing? Au contraire, mon frere! Silly me for expecting to complete a shower with a child in the house.

I never knew I'd consider a shower a luxury. And then I had a child.

You've been there, haven't you? You became a parent and presto, change-o, things you took for granted for so long in your child-free days became parental luxuries.

Not sure what I'm talking about? Maybe this will help:

1. Pooping alone.

2. Peeing alone.

3. Drinking a cup of coffee while it's still hot. 

4. Eating a chocolate bar that you don't have to share.

5. Your own music on the radio.

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6. Sleeping in.

7. Water bottles that don't have backwash in them.

8. Quiet.

9. Grocery shopping without an argument about popsicles (or sugary cereals or gum).

20 things moms miss10. Restaurants that don't have chicken fingers or hot dogs on the menu.

11. Vacations that don't include amusement parks.

12. A clean backseat.

13. Catching up on your favorite show (before 10 p.m. and without demands for water or another tuck-in). 

14. Books with more than a few hundred words (none of which rhyme).

15. Breakable home decor.

16. Your own room.

17. Your own bed.

18. Letting off a stream of curse words when you stub your toe.

19. Light switches in the off position.

20. A complete thought.

Is this you? What do you consider a luxury now that you have kids?


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Shandi80 Shandi80

This list should be handed out to all high schoolers as free birth control.

nonmember avatar Tracy

I totally get most, except the chicken finger/hot dog rule. We ate what we got, and if it wasn't on the menu, my folks got a sitter. Did that with our stepson, and while it limited our world, I'd rather go somewhere nice with a babysitter than eat at a hot dog place all the time.

MrsRo... MrsRoberts413

Some of these things, I agree with completely.  Some things, however, are completely preventable.  For example: neither my husband nor I do roller-coasters, so amusement parks are not on our vacation agenda.  Bathroom doors have locks on them for a reason: put your kid in a playpen if you're really worried about them being destructive or dangerous, then go potty alone!  If you have to use a public bathroom, that's a different thing, but at home, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to go alone.  You don't have to play kiddie music on the radio: you're driving, play what you want and raise your kid to like it, too!  Same thing goes for bedtime: if your kid is constantly getting back up or climbing into your bed, it's because you have let it go on: bring the hammer back down on routines and get your own sleep in your own bed! While some of these are abolutely true, some of them are only the result of people letting their children call the shots, instead of the other way around!

LadyM... LadyMinni

I still have all of this, except for sleeping in. But that has nothing to do with motherhood. People keep warning me about when my kids get older though....

Kings... KingsleysMommy

I love you MrsRoberts!!! So true!! I do miss reading books so very much. 😢

the4m... the4mutts

I have done each and every one of these things since my first kid was born 10 years ago. The first year, sure, i made all the classic doting mommy mistakes of giving in to my kid no matter what it cost me.

Then I grew a brain and got over it. I have a life. I shower alone. I read entire books. I eat what and where I want to, and if my kids dont like it, they can just go hungry. I will provide my kids with everything they need, including a happy mother. If they choose to reject what they're offered, then they must not have been as hungry/bored/lonely as they thought they were.

Jespren Jespren

Yeah...I'm also with MrsRoberts413 and the4mutts, these are either things you put up with because it doesn't bother you (like for me the bathroom thing or shower interuptions, don't care) or because you're inappropriately allowing your kids to rule your life instead of teaching them parents set the rules (like which resteraunt and which music). But also, how is this 'presto chango'?? Between cousins, siblings, babysitting, nursery, camp, child care, etc, how does a 'new mom' not know to expect these changes? Took me all of 12 years, with my first overnight babysitting gig, to realize showing uninterupted is a luxury around kids unless you want to lock the door. That was more than a decade before 'presto chango' into new mom.

mamab... mamabear0791

And you'll miss almost all those interruptions once they've grown and started a family of their own.

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