10 Most Annoying Things Kids Do on Playdates

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playdateI love when my daughter has playdates at our house. She has fun. I get to take a break from being her main source of entertainment. And there's none of the stress over whether she's behaving at someone else's house. There is, however, one big problem with hosting playdates: the behavior of the other kids!

The key to a bad playdate is a monster kid, and if they do anything on this list, they're not going to be invited back:

1. Eating out of my fridge without asking. I always make sure I have plenty of snacks on hand when there are kids over, and chances are you COULD have that yogurt or popsicle. But I might have been saving it for something special (you know, like my lunch). All you had to do was ask.

2. Being mean to my dog. This is HER house, and she deserves to be safe here (that's why I rescued her in the first place!).

3. Leaving dirty socks in the middle of my living room floor. We're a barefoot family, and whipping your socks off to run outside is pretty common. But trust me, smelling my own kid's stinky ones is enough for me. It may not be a dealbreaker, but it's not exactly endearing.

4. Treating my furniture like a jungle gym. I give the really little ones a pass (my friend's 4-year-old is still a bit of a climber, and she is also very good about lecturing him about not climbing my furniture). But if you're 8 years old, you're old enough to know better than to stand on the back of my couch or throw yourself into my dining room chairs.

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5. Ignoring me when I talk to you. I don't care how shy you are. When you are in my house, and I ask you whether you want a PB&J or a ham sandwich, you answer me! 

6. Encouraging my daughter to be naughty. My kid is not an angel. I know she'll get up to hijinx all by herself, but when I can hear you in her bedroom trying to convince her to disobey me, you are reminding me to lose your phone number.

10 annoying things kids do on playdates7. Wasting food. If you don't like the way I make mac and cheese, that's fine. But don't go for seconds when you didn't even finish your first helping ... and then leave it all on the plate.

8. Not taking "no" for an answer. I'm a pretty easygoing mom, and when my daughter has a friend over, I don't hover. When I say "no," I have a very good reason. If you can't listen to my rules, I can't guarantee to your mom that you'll be safe at my house.

9. Being mean to my kid. I expect her to be nice to you, and I will discipline her if she isn't. I expect the same from you.

10. Demanding electronics. You're here to play with my kid, not use our XBox or watch TV. Get your butt outside!

What's the worst thing a child has done during a playdate at your house? Did you ban them from your house? 


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nonmember avatar Julia

Don't you think you are kind of harsh? Yikes! They are CHILDREN and especially #5... demanding that the child speak to you even if they are shy?
As an adult I wouldn't want to come to your house for a playdate.

abra819 abra819

2,6,9 yes yes ye!! #5...that's so mean :(

sassy... sassykat122

I have had one of my sons friends to encourage him to disobey what i had said. That is a dealbreaker and royally pissed me off.

nonmember avatar Sam

#5... Really? If I knew you I wouldn't let my child go to your house.

nonmember avatar Wow

Wow on #5. As I child I would have never been back. I was very shy and always spoke through my friends. Luckily everyone accommodated that. I would speak to parents I was very familiar with but most everyone had their child ask me things like what to eat and stuff.

mamag... mamagreen08

When they bring over toys and won't share. If your coming to our home & expect to play with our toys, don't bring over a toy and dangle it in front of my kids and not wanting to share. Any toys (my kids' toys too) that are causing problems are put away.

nonmember avatar Renee Edwards

Im pretty easy going, but there are a few things I refuse to tolerate. I kept my own niece from coming over for a while, because she broke my kids' bunk bed rails by hanging on them, after I told her not to. And she is more than old enough to know better. For me, its being intentionally destructive, being mean to any of my kids or pets, being violent, or simply not listening when I have said "No, Stop, Dont do that" more than once

2baby... 2babymomma

i think #5 is reasonable cuz really if your kid is that shy why would you send them alone to someones house they are not comfortable talking to

Bellum Bellum

Being mean to the siblings- two of my kids have disabilities, and if someone is mean to them, we have a problem.  Fortunately, that has rarely been an issue.

nonmember avatar Susan Miner

Unfortunately, even teenager "playdates" can be a problem. While working as a police officer, I stopped home at Night to find friends in the house (not allowed while mom's working an overnight). When I told my son his friend had to go, I overheard the friend say "Maybe she'll get shot. Then you can do what you want". That particular friend was never allowed in my house again

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