Gift Guide, Big Kids: Techno-saurus


Last call for the Daily Buzz Gift Guide! That means it's time to treat the Techno-saurus kid at home. You know, the digital devotes that can't live without fast-moving interactive games. For all the other deserving kids in your life, check out: Head of the Class, Creative Kiddo, Board Gamer, and Sports Lover. Enjoy!


Product: Dreamlife Superstar TV Plug in Game

Cost: $18.98

Where to Buy:

Why I Love It: Move over, Rihanna. For the price, this TV plug in game is too cool! Your daughter can create a virtual celeb life with the flick of a switch. The interactive scene takes place over a summer vacation, Hello? Who doesn't love summer vacation? The player can be an actress, singer, TV star, writer, or athlete and the longer she plays the more activities and jobs there are to choose from. The character chills out at celebrity hangouts including the sound studio, red carpet, and spa. As the celebrities enjoy their new-found success, gifts start to arrive, including fan letters, special-events invites, and more. I want this one! Best for ages 8+.

Product: Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix

Cost: $22.95

Where to Buy:

Why I love it: The Ultimate Omnitrix has all the coolest alien bells and whistles! We know about bells and whistles but this toy gets great reviews. Once on the wrist, you kid will morph into a space aged superhero. The lights and sounds kick it up a notch when set up with mini translucent figures. The Ultimate Omnitrix comes with a mini translucent figure that attaches to the base and unlocks special images and sounds. For ages 4 to 10.

Product: Spiderman Keychain Digital Camera

Cost: $24.99

Where to Buy:

Why I love it: One, the cost. Two: if you have a kid that's a bit to rough and rugged for a  "real" camera, this one does the trick just fine. Did I mention that its a working Spidey-digital cam that includes PC web video camera capability, a key chain, and Spider-Man Photolab Photo Editing Software? It takes up to 70 pictures, so now you can let your child be the one this year to document the holidays. Ages 6+.

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