School Permission Slip Warns Parents Their Kids Might Actually See Nature (Gasp!)

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puddleWhen I read the following school permission slip a mom posted on Reddit, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The items parents are being instructed to sign off on are so ridiculously over the top you have to wonder if it wasn't some kind of tongue-in-cheek prank by a school official who was fed up with helicopter moms and parental complaints about crazy things.

The user who posted it, "Miss_Interociter" doesn't say which school it's for or give much other context,  but it speaks for itself quite well. You honestly won't believe it.

It reads:

In the course of going out in nature I understand that my child may:

Get his or her shoes wet or dirty
Get his or her clothes wet or dirty
Come in contact with the ground through play and activity
Go out in the rain and snow
Touch mud
Walk in the mud
Come in contact with plants and trees
See birds, bugs, animals, trees, and plants in a new way

It's funny ... but it's not. Because even if whoever wrote it was poking a little fun, it's probably because parents have complained about things not too far off from some of these things. The comments on Reddit from those who work with children prove this to be true. Here are couple of great ones, including this one from user "snippybitch":

I had a parent complain about their 3 year old's shirt and pants being dirty. When I told the parent it was from the child eating lunch she started yelling at me. At home they spoon feed her, which explained why their child sucked at feeding herself...

From la_la_lizzy:

Guys. My sister is a sailing coach. She once had parents complain to her that her children were getting wet. At sailing class.

Come to think of it, maybe this permission slip isn't so over-the-top after all.

Have you ever had to sign a crazy permission form? What's the most insane thing you've heard a parent complain about?


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cassi... cassie_kellison

I had a friend who came over for a back yard cookout and wouldn't let her son play on the grass because he had new shoes.... I thought that was extreme.

JS0512 JS0512

My youngest is 2 1/2 and goes to daycare a few days a week.  One of the girls is always apologizing to me when I come to pick her up on days where she got dirty.  Some days she's covered in paint, some days it's dirt, some days I'm not sure WHAT it is.  I always laugh and tell her that that means they're doing a great job and the kids are having fun BEING KIDS.  Kids are supposed to have these experiences.  But I can only imagine that she's apologizing because other parents get upset about it.  It's sad that a permission slip needs to be written like that, but I can totally understand why!

Shannon Elysabeth Mundorff

This is because we live in a world now where most people are totally fucking insane.

keelh... keelhaulrose

I once worked in a daycare, and sent home a note asking parents for old t-shirts for their kids that they didn't mind getting dirty, as we would use them to fingerpaint/play in mud/play in shaving cream/other random messy things.I laundered them after every use, and kept them in their cubbies, though no amount of cleaning will fully get out the mess we made in those shirts.

Surprise, surprise, I had a mother come in one day and look at the shirt, and flip out because it was messy and it was her husband's favorite shirt, and how dare we make a mess...

There's a reason daycare teachers get burnout, and it's not the kids.

cecil... cecillesmommy

I work in a daycare in the 3 months to 18 months room and give parents plenty of notice when I'm doing something particularly messy, especially paint or sensory tub. We provide smocks and sometimes even strip them down to their diapers. As a mom, my daughters daycare is always apologizing when I pick her up and she has marker or paint on her, I'm quick to tell them "it's fine, she's a kid, kids are supposed to be messy"

Shandi80 Shandi80

Yeah, most people are entitled and crazy these days.

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

I think this permission slip is hilarious but so true! Don't they have this study out about how "nature deficient" our kids generation is? I see so many kids at preschool that aren't allowed to roll in the grass for fear of grass stains. I try to make a point of getting my kids outside playing at least once a day. Vitamin D is good people!!!

teddy... teddysmama09

But SuzyBarno, Vitamin D comes in drops now so kids don't have to go outside silly! And there's channels on TV that look like nature outside a window, so our little precious porcelin dolls can sit there watching that as we spoon feed them one of the three foods they're allowed to have.

nonmember avatar Seanna

And this is why you buy your kid used clothes and let them destory them. The only time I am anal about clean clothes is for pictures, and I change my son right before we take pictures. I expect my son to be covered in dirt, paint and food when I pick him up from daycare - proof that he is learning.

Senia... Seniahmom

I'd hate if my kids came home too clean - I'd be like what did you do all day. But then my youngest could find a way to get dirty in a one of those science lab clean rooms lol.

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