A Swing In Your Child's Room: Would You Dare?

Are we taking things to the next level when we start talking about hanging swings inside the house? Perhaps. But how cool would that be?! After finding myself a bit intrigued by the idea, I thought it might be fun to track down some swinging inspiration -- like the indoor tire swing pictured above. Why not bring a bit of the playground inside

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This setup looks pretty basic but still manages to be pretty. I'm ready to sit down for a good swing to give it a test!

Fun, right? You can't go wrong with a circle seat. 

It's a swing, it's a chair, it's awesome.  

Tall ceilings are probably a must -- and of course avoid windows and walls for maximum swinging fun. 

You can literally swing from the rafters here. This one is a bit like a trapeze, yes? 

So there you have it. Swings. Inside the house. For your kids!

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Do you think you'd ever be willing to risk it? 


Images via From Scandanavia With Love; 6th Street Design; Aesthetic Outburst; The Boo and The Boy; Apartment Therapy; Mechant Design

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