5 Outdoor Crafts Your Kids Will Love (And You Won't Hate!)

Michele Zipp | Aug 18, 2013 Big Kid

chalk drawingYou don't have to always go on vacation to have some summer family fun. Using your imagination and crafting skills (novice to expert) you can have some really good times in the great outdoors, just outside your door. 

Here are 5 great outdoor crafts your kids will love and you won't hate. Get crafting!

What are your favorite outdoor crafts to do with kids?


Image via Tiffany Kelly; ISchmidt/shutterstock

  • Painting rocks.


    Image via Avia Venefica/Flickr

    Go on a rock hunt and find some rocks of all sizes. Now get painting -- outdoors ... less mess. Paint some for the garden or even for the kids to play with on your front porch. Frog rocks sure look cute in the grass.

  • Crafting wind chimes.


    Image via Laura Williams/Flickr


    You can craft a wind chime out of many objects (seashells, silverware, wood), but you can also paint the chimes to personalize them.

  • Making a bug catcher.


    Image via katiew/Flickr


    Okay, okay. Maybe some parents will hate this craft. But bugs are fun! And we can never show our own fear of the creepy crawlies in front of the kids, so if you can't beat them ... join in the bug fun and create a bug catcher.

  • Create your own kite.


    Image via Debbie Lee/Flickr

    Making a kite isn't that hard -- you can do it! Craft your own kite, decorate, and get flying.

  • Chalk drawing.


    Image via Tiffany Kelly

    My friend Tiffany is an incredible chalk artist. And her kids LOVE it! But if you are more my speed of artistry (stick figures and crooked lines) you can still have fun with chalk art. My kids and I create spaceships to blast off in and roads to ride their race cars on. All you need is a little imagination ... and chalk!

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