25 Reasons to Make Sure You Get to the Beach Before Summer's Gone

mother and son in the ocean at the beach

It might seem like summer just started, but back to school commercials and displays are cropping up everywhere! Reason enough to make sure you take advantage of whatever beautiful weather comes your way and get to a beach, any beach with your family, right?

But if you need more reason than that -- you know, for a bit of a push -- here, 25 of 'em to convince you that at least one day trip down to the shore is absolutely necessary before summer splits for real!  

  1. Building a sand castle makes for a fab family bonding experience.
  2. You can search for seashells to take home and use for a craft or just a memory to enjoy all the other months of the year.
  3. We'll only get such beautiful weather once a year!
  4. We'll only get such hot temperatures once a year!
  5. Before we know it, it'll be rainy, cold, and snowy.
  6. You know you want to show off that cute bathing suit and/or coverup!
  7. You can get some use out of your kids' cute new bathing suits -- before they outgrow them next season!
  8. You'll help support the local economy of a beachy town that likely doesn't do a lot of business other times of the year.
  9. A day at the beach kills a whole day with the kids.
  10. And it tires 'em out beautifully!
  11. You'll get great family photos you can enjoy the rest of the year.
  12. You'll get great Instagram/Facebook pics you can use for cover photos or just to make your friends/followers a bit jealous.
  13. Everyone can use a little more vitamin D.
  14. When/where else do you get your pick of soft serve, snow cones, smoothies, cotton candy, salt water taffy, or whatever other summer goodie is best consumed while staring out at the waves?
  15. A walk in the sand does a body good -- exfoliating dead skin cells from your heels and strengthening all the muscles in your feet!
  16. Swimming decreases stress and increases a sense of well-being in most people.
  17. If you're swimming in the ocean, you may enjoy the benefits of saltwater's many health-bolstering minerals, like iodine (which helps the body fight infection while boosting thyroid function) and magnesium (which has a calming effect on our nerves).
  18. Just laying on the beach listening to the waves can have an incredibly soothing effect that lasts for days.
  19. It's the perfect spot to get some physical activity -- just running around with the kids or playing a relaxed game of beach volleyball or Frisbee -- without feeling like you're working out. 
  20. It's the perfect place to unwind from the daily grind.
  21. You can make an awesome memory by doing something you've never done before -- like rent a waverunner or take a surfing lesson.
  22. Who needs to pay big bucks for highlights when the sun has the same effect?!
  23. Everyone will envy your pretty glow.
  24. The kind of sleep you'll get after a day at the beach is absolutely BLISSFUL.
  25. There's nothing like spending quality time with friends and family by the shore.

What do you love about going to the beach?


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