10-Year-Old Saves Sister From Drowning After Mom Looks Away 'for a Second' (VIDEO)

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Carson Lewis

Thanks to a spirit of bravery and thinking quickly on his feet, a 10-year-old boy saved his little sister from drowning after she slipped out of her tube in a neighbor's swimming pool. While enjoying a day of fun in the sun, Carson Lewis suddenly saw his 5-year-old sister Hailee at the bottom of the pool, and instead of screaming and panicking, he dove into the water, brought her to the surface, and placed her on the edge of the pool.

The incident happened a month ago, but earlier this week, Carson was honored by his local fire rescue department for saving his sister's life -- something he says he would do all over again if he had to. (Aww!)

Take a look at this video clip to hear more about this amazing kid.

Wow. His parents must be so incredibly proud of him. And can you even begin to imagine how the mom who was with Carson and Hailee at the time of the accident must feel? I mean, she only turned her back on the kids in the water for a second -- but it was still enough time for Hailee to sink to the bottom of the pool.

Man. I feel for her. And you should too. How many times have you turned your back for "just a split second" while around water with your kids? We've all done it, but what happened to Hailee serves as an important reminder that a quick second is all it takes for something terrible to happen.

When it comes to kids and swimming pools, we have to be extra diligent about watching them like hawks to prevent any sort of emergency from happening. Even something as small as taking a phone call, sending a quick text, or hopping out of the pool to go grab towels could prove to be a dangerous move -- as far-fetched as that might sound.

Oh, and another lesson we can learn from this story? We should never rely on flotation devices to keep younger kids who don't know how to swim safe in the water. Yes, they make swimming more enjoyable until they learn how to stay afloat on their own -- but they aren't foolproof, and they certainly aren't life preservers.

Swimming pools provide so much fun and relief from the heat in the summer months -- but they are no joke, and nothing quite takes the place of a parent's watchful eye when it comes to keeping our kids safe.

What do you do to make sure your kids swim safely?


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jrphelps jrphelps

My son just turned 2 & we start swim lessons in 2 weeks!  I meant to start sooner, but it never worked in our schedule.  Swimming lessons are SO important

nonmember avatar Lilac

Floating toys are no substitute for learning/ knowing how to swim unless its a regulated life jacket. The 5 year old should never have been in deep water holding onto a tube toy as means of not drowning even if mom was "right" there. Thank goodness for her brother but this was a dumb mom mistake.

nonmember avatar Amy

what five year old can't swim?

Jamie Taylor Piske

A lot of 5 year olds can't swim. Not everyone can afford to take their kids to swim lessons. This mom did not do anything wrong. It was an accident and thank goodness her brother saw her quickly but I'm sure her mom would have been there a heart beat after him. People need to get down off your high horses. NON of us are perfect! You did a great job Carson!

boond... boondox1980

mine cant because we dont go to swiming pools only creeks they are 5 and 6


Tamara Mixon

All my kids learned to swim under water first and I made them stop using any floatation devices to encourage them to swim. My 5 year old at the beginning of every summer tends to be water shy and we have to gradually get him out into the pool. He knows to always swim toward the side and grab the side to rest a few mins if needed. I am always in the pool with them. And for towels we always keep some outside in the florida room. During the day the door that leads to the pool is dead bolted (needs a key to unlock it from the inside). All my kids know they do not go out toward the pool unless an adult is with them. No running, no diving in the shallow end, no pushing. Kids should know the rules. And I agree if a child can not swim under water at all and with an inner tube they should not be in the deep end.

Kristen Joy

My kids are 4, 6, and 8 and still don't know how to swim. We don't have money for a pool, nor for them to take swimming lessons, nor to travel to beaches. Our community pool is overcrowded and full of young kids (and even adults) who argue, fight, etc. There wouldn't be room for me to teach them, nor would it be safe with people splashing and horsing around and not caring about little kids that can't swim. Plus with it just being me, it's hard to teach three kids at once, or even teach one and simultaneously watch the others. My mother did take us to a lake recently, and that was the first thing I tried to do was teach them to swim, but it isn't going to happen in a day. It is a priority of mine to teach them, but my apartment doesn't even have a bathtub, so without the water, what can I do? 

Devio... Devious333

Well, if we had a pool here my 5 year old would know how to swim. But we don't. I can't just go dig a hole and fill it with water.

Awesome job, big brother!

nonmember avatar julie

This is in regarding Jamie's comment... I have been is swim instructor / aquatic director for the past 25 years swimming lessons don't have to be expensive there are many city pools that offer lessons for $50 or less there are even grants and some counties offer the lessons are provided for free. Nobody is blaming this mother its just proof that it happens in a split of a second drowning is silent if someone of a swimming lesson was offered to this child it would have prevented her falling to the bottom of the pool she could have learned to float on her back or learn to the swim to the wall in and safely get out.. Drowning is preventable

nonmember avatar Lindsay

My daughter is 9 and can swim and NEVER had swim lessons. We taught her ourselves just as my parents did to me and my husband's parents to him. Swimming lessons are for lazy and incompetent parents.

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