7 Things I Judge Parents For When They're Vacationing With Their Kids

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7 annoying things parents do with their kids on vacationI realize that actually enjoying a family vacation can be a challenge, and so some parents are inclined to do things they wouldn't normally do just to get a moment's peace.

But then I wonder if that's really the case or if they're just that annoying all the time. Thankfully, I only have to deal with those parents and their kids for a short amount of time, because some of the stuff they do, or worse, let their kids do, wow, what a nightmare.

1. Junk food. So I'm all for sweets and treats because hey, it's vacation and all, but when you're giving your kids cokes in the morning and spray cheese for lunch every single day, something is very wrong. How about some fruit and vegetables every now and then?

2. Shopping frenzy. Vacations are expensive enough, so I don't really get the rationale of buying your kids whatever they want in every single store, especially if they are misbehaving or whining. I suppose it wouldn't be so bad except my kids see it happening and then wonder why I'm not dropping hundreds of dollars on them.

3. Waiting in line. My kids love rides like the next kid, but when the lines are long, my husband and I split up or just skip them altogether because it's tough for a kid to stand there for an hour (if not more) in the heat. I never quite understood why people would do that to themselves and their kids. Sorry, no roller coaster or ropes course is worth it.

4. Safety, anyone? I'm always surprised when parents just let their kids roam freely at the pool and the beach, especially when there are no lifeguards. I'm all for letting kids be kids, but when there's water involved, I turn into the helicopter parent for very good reason.

5. Staying up too late. I can't tell you how many times I see kids up waaaaay past a reasonable bedtime. Maybe your kids sleep until 10am if they stay up until midnight (or beyond), but mine certainly don't. And if I'm out on an adults-only date late in the evening, the last thing I want is for kids to be running around me.

6. Ignoring them. I thought the whole idea behind a family vacation was that you spend time with your family, so when I see parents completely ignoring their kids, particularly those who are trying to get their attention (and then annoying the other people around them in the process), I get pretty frustrated.

7. Fighting. Maybe it's the lack of sleep, the poor diet, or the ridiculous amount of booze they're drinking, but I see way too many parents duking it out in public. Seriously people, go somewhere private to have your fights.

What have you seen parents do when they're on vacation with their kids that annoys you?


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LadyM... LadyMinni

Wow, glad I don't have to vacation with you. You have a few valid points, but you also sound like a major buzz kill. I seriously doubt you see every single thing parents feed their children for the duration of their vacation -my brother and I usually eat junkfood at the amusement park because we're allergic to everything else. Lunch is packed and we eat it outside of the park. That's what I'll do with my kids when they're old enough.

If you refuse to wait in a line like the rest of us mere mortals, either buy the quick queue pass or don't even bother going. I once waited in line for two and a half hours to ride Curse of Darkastle the season it first opened. Totally worth it. Why even go to a place with roller coasters if you aren't going to ride. By the way, having one person wait in line and the rest join them later -which is what I guess you mean by "split up"- can now get you kicked out of most parks.

Bedtimes are meant to be broken on vacation. There's too much to do to be in bed at 8:00!

Don't 5 and 6 kind of contradict each other? If the whole point of family vacation is to spend time together, why are you having an adults-only date night? Either have family vacation or don't. My parents never ditched us during a family vacation.

bills... billsfan1104

Most kids don't kind waiting in line to ride a really cool roller coaster. At Disney we got those passes where we came back later. Loved it.

I think you need to lighten up. You sounded like you need a vacation to relax

bills... billsfan1104

And on vacation, my kids will eat whatever they want. And like Lady said, you don't know what they are eating breakfast lunch and dinner.

witch... witchfantasy

You or anyone else has no right to ruin someone elses vacation by judging what they do with their children during that time. Unless the kids are being beaten in public. Keep your nose out of it.


nonmember avatar Meghan

Wow. You seriously judge others on crap like this? Sounds to me like you should spend less time worrying about what others are doing, and more time having fun with your own family. This entire article is just petty.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Uh, yeah, it's a vacation. Eating spray cheese and pop for a week with no veggies will have exactly ZERO lasting health effects on an otherwise healthy kid. How much fun you must be on a vacation spending your days watching what other people feed their kids and timing how long they stand in line. You sound like an absolute delight! Talk about ignoring your kids...

nonmember avatar Lily

LMAO this is hysterical. No one cares that you are looking at them and "judging" them. Seriously. They don't care,

nonmember avatar aimee

unless you are this god people speak of then you have not right to judge anyone for any reason. get the fuck over yourself

Heather Jones

Umm, honey? I think you need a mama-only vacation. You sound waaaaaaay too up tight or stressed, hopefully this isn't your permanent personality. 

Queen... QueenBee107

What is up with all these judging posts lately? 7 things I judge parents on this or that, 6 things to never say to this person or that person. wish you writers get over your self. what does it matter to you what others do on vacation with thier kids. so what if someone wants to feed their kids crap food or drop lots of $$$ at a store on their kids. I let my kids drink soda while on vacation and if I am at a amusement park I am not worrying about my kid getting fruits and veggies there. lets hear it for fries, nachos and a coke. know what you tell your kid when they see other kids getting things you won't get them or can't afford? sorry kid life not fair and that's not in our budget right now. I tell my kids this all the time. I won't be upset or judge people who get their kids stuff I can't afford or don't want to waste my money on and I don't worry about what others are feeding their kids. I don't care if if other people's kids are acting like brats. why you ask? because I am too busy with my own. you never know when the roles will be on the other foot. its not everyone else job to parent their kids just like you do just so your job parenting your kids will be easier. 

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