8-Year-Old Swims to Shore & Walks a Mile Barefoot to Save Dad's Life After Car Crash (VIDEO)

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An 8-year-old boy deserves some sort of medal this morning for saving his father's life after a horrific car accident in the middle of the night.

When their vehicle hit a guardrail and wound up in the middle of the Nashua River, Joshua Garcia waded to shore and ran home almost a mile barefoot -- then woke up his mother so she could call 911. Due to his quick action, rescuers were able to go back to the scene of the accident and free Joshua's father from the car.

Both Joshua and his father, Eugene Garcia, were treated at the hospital and have since been released.

And while both of them are lucky to be alive and to have escaped serious injuries, police may press charges against Eugene because they believe excessive speeding may have caused the accident. Joshua has also reportedly been removed from his parents' custody by the Department of Child and Family Services while the accident is being investigated.

You can hear more about what happened in this video clip.

But regardless of what went down on that stretch of road at 3 o'clock in the morning -- Joshua's mother must be overflowing with a wild range of emotions right about now. Holy Toledo. Can you imagine being woken up in the wee hours of the morning by your child, who tells you to dial 911 because he and his father have been in a horrific accident?

I'm sure at first she was so relieved that her son was ok, but then after hearing that he not only freed himself from the car, but also swam through the river and ran home barefoot? Yeah, proud doesn't even begin to describe how I'd feel if Joshua were my kid. He's only 8, and as the mom of a son around the same age, it's tough to imagine him being able to react with such strength and bravery in a situation like that.

But then once this mother realized just how bad the accident was, I'm sure anger started to take over. Why the heck was this dad driving with his kid at 3 a.m., and if it turns out that he was speeding, why wasn't he being more careful considering the precious cargo he had in tow? If that were my husband (or ex-husband or baby daddy or whoever) and I believed he'd been careless and put our son in danger, I'd probably never speak to him again. (And it would be a miracle if I didn't strangle him.)

Thankfully Joshua is going to be ok -- but given the severity of the accident, it's amazing that he survived, let alone escaped without being seriously hurt. And if I were his mother, I'd thank my lucky stars, count my blessings, and think twice about who he gets into the car with and at what time of night.

If you were Joshua's mother, how would you react to what happened? Do you think his father is to blame?


Image via SanVicentMedia/YouTube

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Dawn Michelle Brown

i  wouldnt put blame  ide be thankful my son is alive and proud of  what he did  to save his dad

nonmember avatar mel

Because not talking to your spouse/ex/baby dad ever again really solves the problem....

nonmember avatar Casey Edwards

Yeah, because overreacting will really help. Maybe the mom should TALK to the dad first and THEN decide what's appropriate, which is obviously something the state didn't do before they grabbed the child & further traumatized him by putting him with child "protective" services. There's a lot of information missing from this story.

worms... wormspoop

Why do people freak out about kids staying up that late. It's the summer and everyone has different schedules. I let my son stay up till he just crashes on his own, unless I need to go to bed sooner.

smdleigh smdleigh

im glad they are both okay..and as for the child being out with his daddy at the time,who cares,maybe they were out of town maybe he was moving stuff and his son wanted to be with his father and not is stepmom..What i dont understand is why they would remove a child if the father was speeding when he crashed...

I would be very emotional if that happened,i wouldnt not speak to my spouse,i would talk to him to try to figure out what happened,but i would be very glad they were okay..My anger would go more toward cps for taking my son away for a very stupid reason..Unless there is more to the story and we dont know about it yet..

Angel... Angelicembrace

..and yet again the government takes away another kid when they shouldn't. This kid did the right thing, and everyone is okay. It was an accident--while yes the father made a HUGE mistake it's not something the family should be ripped apart for. From what's in this article the dad wasn't on drugs or drinking. Give me a break.

butte... butterflyfreak

That is about the most messed up thing I have ever heard! I can totally understand the need to investigate the crash, but what point is there to taking the child from his home? Just another example of the skewed priorities of the state. How many kids in the state of Massachusetts are truly being abused and/or neglected and they take THIS kid away, because he was in a car accident?!?!

Sheila Keith

Just don't understand their logic. The kid looked very healthy and happy in the picture. Give the dad traffic tickets and move on. They should be very proud of their brave son!

Maeclark Maeclark

why in the world would they take that boy away from his parent. They obviously have been doing something right he saved his Dad and totally took charge in going to get help. So what if the dad had been speeding I don't condone it or recomend it but shit happens they didn't say he had been drinking and driving so removing the child has irreversible consequences first off now the boy wonders what he did wrong. He probably thinks he shouldn't have gone for help in the first place. Way to go law enforcement.

Phoebe Mitchell

CPS has too much power!!! They can't be touched by lawsuits so they pretty much do as they please. Just make one of the workers mad and see what can happen if you have children. Someone needs to moniter CPS. Who is watching them anyway???


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