Girl Who Lived in Closet for 2 Years Gets Happy Ending She Deserves (VIDEO)

A little girl from Oklahoma City suffered unspeakable horror. A mother who didn't love her. Who abused her. Who kept her separate from her siblings. Who didn't feed her or talk to her or let her play outside or do anything a child should do. Who, in fact, kept her daughter in a closet for two years. The little girl had to pee and defecate in a cup. She was so malnourished you could see her bones. She lived in a closet. For two years. She was only five years old. So that was her life. And could have been her life for many more years, or until she died. But then something miraculous happened.


The girl, who is now named Georgia, weighed only 19 pounds when she was found. She was hospitalized for months due to severe malnutrition. She had her own language, made up of "gutteral" sounds that were more animal than human.

All because her mother, who took normal care of the girl's siblings, didn't like her. Didn't like the way she looked. Because she looked like her father. Does human cruelty know no bounds?!

Luckily, the girl was found. After an anonymous tip sent police to her house and she was freed, and taken into child care services, barely alive. And then. Clint and Amanda Lile came into foster the girl. They didn't even know if she would survive.

But she did. And she began to come around -- but it was often painful. The girl would talk about her time in the closet. Says Amanda:

As she began talking she told us more about being stuck in the closet. We know that it was dark. She talks about having a bowl of cereal. So we know that had a huge impact on her.

Amanda and Clint took an enormous risk with the girl. Children who are starved not only of food but of basic human interaction in their formative years can often have lifelong problems. Indeed, Amanda says that the girl would "throw her shoes" when she was being fed. It takes human love and touch for the brain to properly form -- and this little girl had had none of that.

But Amanda and Clint felt that they could love her back to health. And they were right. The girl, now named Georgia, began to thrive. Soon she was attending kindergarten and reading Dr. Seuss. Amanda says, "She's our little miracle."

She is a miracle, but Amanda and Clint are the true miracles. These are the parents that Georgia needed -- they are her parents. It does not matter in the slightest that Georgia was not physically born to them, she was spiritually born to them. That is more important.

Love always trumps DNA.

Amanda and Clint finalized their adoption of Georgia. Georgia says:

I lived with Maria, and she was bad, and she locked me up in the closet, and I didn’t have any food or any water or anything to eat or drink. I only slept and never came out. And now I live here.

Georgia is proof that a risk can pay off beautifully.

Have you ever thought about adoption or adopted?




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