Favorite Christmas Ever


christmas treeEveryone has a memory of their all-time favorite Christmas. I actually have two: the first when I was 8 and got a gorgeous black Barbie doll head (then very hard to come by). OMG, I can still remember that morning--when I saw her, I knew for sure that the world was a perfect place. the other fave Christmas was more recent, when I was totally on a natural high, convinced I would finally deliver my first child (he came two days later).

As moms, many of us spend a lot of time (and money) trying to make sure every Christmas at least contends for a favorite spot in the world of our children's memories. But it's nice, every now and then, to reflect on our own fond memories. In the spirit of pure youthful joy, if you have a minute, stop and think about your favorite Christmas ever--and then tell me about it!


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mamak57 mamak57

my favorite Christmas ever was the one where we got our girlies a cable rabbit for their bedroom and their own color tv. they were 9 and 11 that Christmas

mom316 mom316

My favorite christmas, that i will ALWAYS remember was when my mom told me that she had gone to the back of the house and dad was at the store and when she came out to the living room, there, where there had once been just a few presants was a mound of goodies left my you know who...Santa. I beleived in Santa for sure then. It is such a great and magical story to look back on. I hope i too can coem up with something special to tell my girls ages 4 and 3.


mom2b... mom2boys1997

When I was four Santa came and left me a beautiful vanity full of play cosmetics and shiney necklaces and frilly dresses.

Peajewel Peajewel

My favorite Christmas would have to be my son's Power Ranger Christmas.  All he wanted was Power Ranger gloves and he had Elmer Fudd Syndrome back then; (that is when you talk like Elmer Fudd for those of you that don't know) and he said Power Ranger's so cute.  He opened all his presents and was almost in tears but was trying so hard to be thankful for the presents he did get.  I hid the gloves way in the back of the tree behind the dogs gifts.  When he took out the presents for the dog he saw his name and the look on that child's face and the smile he had for the rest of the day was so awesome.  It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it! 

forev... foreverb3

My favorite Christmas was in 1962.  It had snowed for 2 days and it was so cold.  Our little town had a 5 & 10 store and my dad gave me and my brother each 50 cents to go shopping with.  We thought we were rich.  We trudged through all the snow and shopped and came back with all our treasures for mommy, daddy and each other.  It was a magical Christmas that year and one I still remember like it was yesterday. 

dianah1 dianah1

My favorite Christmas was the first one I remember.  I was 3 years old and I had just moved in with my adopted family.  I was put up for adoption at birth.  I remember waking up that Christmas morning and walking into the family room.  There stood the absolute biggest tree that I had ever seen.  There were tons of lights on it and it was beautiful.  Most of all, I remember the love in my home.  That was something that I did not have until my family adopted me.  That is why that is my favorite Christmas.

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