Favorite Christmas Ever

christmas treeEveryone has a memory of their all-time favorite Christmas. I actually have two: the first when I was 8 and got a gorgeous black Barbie doll head (then very hard to come by). OMG, I can still remember that morning--when I saw her, I knew for sure that the world was a perfect place. the other fave Christmas was more recent, when I was totally on a natural high, convinced I would finally deliver my first child (he came two days later).


As moms, many of us spend a lot of time (and money) trying to make sure every Christmas at least contends for a favorite spot in the world of our children's memories. But it's nice, every now and then, to reflect on our own fond memories. In the spirit of pure youthful joy, if you have a minute, stop and think about your favorite Christmas ever--and then tell me about it!

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