5 Types of Kid Punishments That Are Even More Painful for Parents

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My 5-year-old has been a tad difficult lately. And by a tad, I mean HUGELY INSANELY HORRIBLY difficult. It must be a phase (dear God, please let it be a phase), and I am counting down the seconds until he reverts back to the easygoing boy I knew. 

In the meantime, I'm tightening the reins, doling out the punishments, and teaching him who's boss. But you know what sucks about that? The fact that I can't punish him these days without feeling like I'm the one getting punished.

Here are the top five punishments he hates most ...

1. Cancelling a playdate: Not only do I look like a dick to the other parent, but I need to deal with an annoying child complaining of nothing to do all afternoon and have to entertain him while he could have been someone else's problem for the day.

2. Not attending a birthday party: Again, I look like an asshole backing out at the last minute, I’m already out the gift, plus I have to make lunch. Definitely not a win.

3. Going to bed early: So I need to listen to him screaming and whining for hours? That makes for a relaxing night.

4. Taking away video games: The only time I know that I can shower without an audience, conduct a work call, or cook dinner alone is when he is peacefully using a Wii or iPad. Why on earth would I want to live without them?

5. Taking away TV time: TV is the only reliable and free babysitter I have. You think I'm giving that up? No way.

See? There's simply no punishment that gets to him without making me suffer even more. As he likes to say: It's not fair!




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nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Tongue in cheek this is funny but I don't agree with the routine use of electronic babysitters.

keelh... keelhaulrose

I don't take away any activity unless I feel the behavior is going to disrupt the party or whatever it is. I don't care what the other moms think of me, but I need the break out the time with the other child.

nonmember avatar NoWay

TV is a great tool when you need to take a shower or get something done. I don't think she means to use it while she goes out or anything.

LostS... LostSoul88

I really hate that picture they use to feature this article. It's like the 3rd time they've used it. 

Don't forget canceling activities. I've canceled fun things to do with my kids because of the way they were acting the day before or hours before. 

nonmember avatar JGM1764

If I had a kid misbehaving and there was an upcoming friend's birthday I wouldn't take that away if I had already confirmed the invitation with the other kid's parents. That's not nice to his friend or their parents who have already planned on a certain headcount for the party. I'd say, "you can still go the party for Johnny's sake, but you have to do extra chores or you can go, but you're grounded for two weeks otherwise."

nonmember avatar KitKat

I would let him attend the already planned party as well. I have my son write about what he did, why it was wrong, and why he will not do it again. Then I read it and throw it in the throw it away (lol).

femal... femaleMIKE

I have a few years before my babyboy will have punishments.  I plan to start now and think of punishments that will not affect me in a negative way.

kckcm2 kckcm2

I don't cancel a party, but my six year old got in an ass load of trouble two days ago. She's been doing summer homework during the heat and cleaning at night. This has served me in a couple ways, she prefers the homework over the cleaning so she dives in enthusiastically to put off the cleaning. So she is learning a lot, plus I can relax on picking up the house the last two weeks of this god awful pregnancy. I'll actually be a little sad when she gets off restriction, and we go back to normal lol.

s_ran... s_ranker116

I just hate taking video games from my oldest because he back up is harassing his two year old brother. So now I have a five year old acting like a jerk and a two year old shrieking every few minutes.

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