10 Manners All Kids Should Learn by the Time They're 10

thank you I'm going to sound about 1,000 years old saying this, but I'm flat out appalled by the manners of some children today ... or lack thereof. I don't expect curtsies and kids that know which fork to use for each course, but I also don't expect little ruffians with no regard for proper behavior.

My children are not perfect -- oh far from it. I feel like I'm a constant refrain of "manners, please," and I shudder to think what they do when I'm not around. But we're working on it, because as old-fashioned as some rules of etiquette may seem, I'm a firm believer that manners do matter in big ways and in small. It's a learning process for sure and it takes work (no one is born with manners), but it's worth it. Here are 10 basic manners all kids should master by the time they're 10 ... at least most of the time.

Which manners do you think are most important for kids to learn?


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nonmember avatar Laura K

We work hard on manners in our house. Our 3 year old is in the interrupting phase, and anytime I am on the phone he just has to talk to whoever is on the other end, even if it is the doctor. When I'm on the phone all I hear the entire time is "but I want to talk to him" drives me nuts. But he does always say please and thank-you. Also the problem isn't the kids, it's the parents not holding their children responsible for their behavior. Children learn by example!

Sleep... SleepingBeautee

You forgot...

not butting in line

waiting patently and taking turns

to use a napkin

for boys... to put the seat down

nonmember avatar bless

By 10? My 3 year old does 8 out of 10 of those.

Txlis... Txlisa7969

Like another poster said...by 10 yrs. old??  My 6 yr old has 9 out of 10 of these down already.  He is still a little bad about the knocking on doors at home and has to be reminded sometimes.  Also, his Dad has worked with him since he was very small about being a "gentleman." 

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

By 10? You don't expect much, do you? I expect all those well before kindergarten. 

paigeR11 paigeR11

My four year old does great with all of these except for interrupting.  That one is a work in progress! 

JS0512 JS0512

My two and a half year old has a pretty good grasp on most of those.  She usually always says please & thank you, she excuses herself when she burps or farts.  She knocks on doors a lot.  When someone sneezes she says bless you. I expect her to have an even firmer grasp on all of those manners listed within the next few years.  As others have stated, 10 is way to old to not have those under control.

nonmember avatar NoWay

I have been commended many times for raising polite children. My boys are always well mannered in public, especially. Sometimes at home the manners are a little lax (especially the "excuse me" after bodily functions), but please and thank you are a must. I am working with my 12 year old on eye contact and have to remind him constantly, but he has Asperger's, so it's hard for him, but he will do so when reminded.

nonmember avatar chellesim

I know it's a southern thing but saying yes ma'am no ma'am and yes sir and no sir and also to respect ones elders.

Karen Lynn Johnston

well, my son is AUTISTIC and we are still trying to remember these manners - especially the 'looking someone in the eye when talking to them'. He is 12 years old. He may be 16 or 18 before he learns to do all of these on a regular basis, but i am grateful that he is as high functioning, loving and precious as he is.

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