10 Manners All Kids Should Learn by the Time They're 10

Julie Ryan Evans | Jun 27, 2013 Big Kid

thank you I'm going to sound about 1,000 years old saying this, but I'm flat out appalled by the manners of some children today ... or lack thereof. I don't expect curtsies and kids that know which fork to use for each course, but I also don't expect little ruffians with no regard for proper behavior.

My children are not perfect -- oh far from it. I feel like I'm a constant refrain of "manners, please," and I shudder to think what they do when I'm not around. But we're working on it, because as old-fashioned as some rules of etiquette may seem, I'm a firm believer that manners do matter in big ways and in small. It's a learning process for sure and it takes work (no one is born with manners), but it's worth it. Here are 10 basic manners all kids should master by the time they're 10 ... at least most of the time.

Which manners do you think are most important for kids to learn?


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