5 Retro Summertime Toys We Loved But Would Never Give Our Own Kids

Jacqueline Burt Cote | Jun 28, 2013 Big Kid

polRemember the good old days, when summertime meant endless hours of uninterrupted, unsupervised fun playing with potentially hazardous objects loosely defined as "toys"? Maybe our parents didn't watch us very closely, or maybe toy companies had yet to be slammed with multiple lawsuits (I don't ever recall hearing the term "chooking hazard"), but it's a wonder any of us survived relatively unscathed. Not counting the multiple scars, of course.

Sadly, our children will never know the joys of spending summer vacation playing with perilous playthings ... not with all those warning labels and safety standards and whatnot. Here are 5 totally terrifying toys we can't help loving -- but would never give our own kids!

Image via lori05871/Flickr

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