Bullied Gorilla Teaches Bratty Kids a Lesson They Won’t Forget (VIDEO)

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gorillaHave you ever seen children doing something naughty or annoying and thought, "I just wish someone would teach those brats a lesson." Well, while visiting the Dallas zoo, just such a group of kids got their comeuppance. As a gorilla sat quietly, minding his own business, they taunted him, calling the poor primate "ugly" and yelling other rude things at it. Those little obnoxious visitors thought they were safe behind that protective glass until the creature unleashes his fury. Check it out.

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It's funny to see the how the primate tries to ignore the mean kids, glancing at them as though he could care less. Then, as the shouts grow louder and one boy points his finger in its face, the 400-pound animal suddenly snaps. Those kids nearly jumped out of their skin. It's hilarious.

They better be counting their lucky stars that fortified glass was there. You just know that gorilla was smirking to himself as he then sauntered away from the still shivering kids. I bet they will think twice before they harass a big beast like that in the future. With any luck, it will teach them a lesson that goes way beyond how to treat confined zoo animals. No one deserves to be taunted or made fun of. Let's hope they remember that.

Do you think these kids got what they deserved?


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BeccaLS BeccaLS

Haha that's awesome.

Remember kids, gorillas can learn to understand english, and they don't like being made fun of.

Felip... FelipesMom

Where the hell were the adults?????

And no, the kids didn't get what they deserved. Being startled by a gorilla is NOT going to teach these kids anything - they need someone to tell them how obnoxious they are and how they should act!

mbnic... mbnich0269

Ugh, who was watching those little brats and letting them irritate the animals?!

LostS... LostSoul88

LOL awesome, those parents need to teach their kids how to be respectful to both humands and animals. 

BirdCo BirdCo

I would be ashamed of my kid if they acted like these brats. Also the adults in the background are dicks for not stopping it and then thinking it was funny. That would be the last field trip for a very long time.


its obvious the parents are standing back filiming the kids acting like bratts! And think its funny.

Keitha Berry

Way to go gorilla! Yeah those kids were being brats and those parents should be teaching them not too, not laughing. But it was funny when he pounced. I would have had a good laugh. We had an experience at the Denver zoo once where the gorilla charged the glass. It was crazy, but I laughed so hard. Wish I would have gotten video. (I like being scared) lol, but I don't remember any kids tormenting him, but I was also busy trying to keep my four from climbing all over the place and getting in the way of the other visitors.

nonmember avatar mleighman

Geeze people.... they're kids at the zoo having fun!!!! They're simply imitating the gorilla. Let me guess... all you extremists now want to put up a "no gorilla bullying zone" sign up???

momav... momavanessa

Ha! That is what they get!!

nonmember avatar bette

I remember years ago, in Grand Rapids, some little were teasing some monkeys at the zoo. They got the whole bunch aggrivated. It was just before feeding time. A zoo employee unaware of the kids, went to put food in the enclosure when one monkey escaped and attacked a little boy that had not been involved in the teasing. The monkey bit him in the face. Other visitors to the zoo witnessed it and said monkeys were clearly aggrivated by the teasing.

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