Bullied Bus Monitor's Generous Act Shows Us All How to Rise Above the 'Mean Kids'

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Karen KleinHow's this for a blast from the past? Remember Karen Klein, the bullied bus monitor from upstate New York who was captured on video as middle school students brought her to tears? One year after the video of her tormentors went viral, Klein's anti-bullying foundation is up and running and her new life is the kind of story you need to tell your kids.

Because even after all that, after being brought to tears by cruel taunts about her child's suicide, after having the whole world see her in one of her most unguarded moments, after dealing with kids who could have used a summer cleaning toilets (with toothbrushes!) for what they did, Klein is still doing ... for kids.

More than $700,000 was raised for Klein on the Internet by people who felt bad after seeing the video of her bullies. She used some of that to retire from her job, some to help family, and the rest went into the foundation, a foundation that promotes its message of kindness at concerts and through books. The foundation recently worked the Moscow Ballet to raise awareness of cyberbullying during tours in the United States and Canada.

It's pretty inspiring stuff when you really sit and think about it.

Karen Klein could have been angry and vindictive. She could have done her darndest to get those kids severely punished, then taken the loot and run off to live the good life.

Instead she's turned the other cheek.

She's not vindictive.

If anything, this bullying victim is showing that you can be the bigger person AND come out looking better in the end.

Do you remember Karen Klein? What do you think of what she did?

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LostS... LostSoul88

I think she's an amazing woman and I am so glad to see she's actually trying to find a way stop bullying unlike most of the schools and parents in this country. 

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

It's nice that she is doing such good with the money people donated. I know there are people who probably find the donations excessive, but that's what an outpouring is. Something strikes a nerve with people and they feel compelled to remind the wounded party that there are a lot good in the world. Ms. Klein seems like a humble good-hearted woman, it's heartwarming to see the story turn out so well.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

The videos of her being bullied brought me to tears, even thinking about it is upsetting and i haven't been able to rewatch the video. I'm glad she's doing something such good for other people.

Ashley Chapman

poor woman. absolutely heartbreaking.. im so shocked she isn't pressing charges!! I understand her reasons for not wanting to though..those kids deserve every punishment they can get..my heart goes out to her

Orian... OriansAngel

I hope those little POS's got in serious trouble! I wish I would've been on that bus...Those little disrespectful bastards...OMGosh...I am just crying seeing this video and what they said/did to her! My 6 year old has more manners, respect, love and compassion than these little a$$hole$...SMH...

LisaR... LisaRoyNKaden

The video brought me to tears.... Those kids were CRUEL..  I'd like to know what happened to them... 

She is such a strong woman... 

D.O.E. D.O.E.

never in my LIFE have i seen such disrespectful little fucks. how DARE THEY speak to an elder that way? i would beat my kid 6 ways from sunday if i EVER found out they behaved in such a horrible manner!


Esmeralda Rasmussen

What happened to respecting your elders? How rude and inconsiderate are these children. Good for her for trying to make a difference. Had it been me I would have bent them over my knee and gave them a reason to not like me.

Jane Everett

she's a remarkable woman!..those kids didn't deserve to have anyone treat them with any kind of respect whatsoever..but still, she stayed calm and did not retaliate!..I sincerely hope the kids involved get what they are deserved!..I am happy that Karen could retire and have better experiences in the future..

adopt... adoption2013

I didn't feel badly for her when the story broke and I still don't.  This was an adult who was supposed to control those kids.  It'd be a cold day in Hell before I worried about whether a little brat liked me or not.  What she should have done As the adult is take charge.  That was her job.  If she couldn't deal with them then how could she keep them safe.  Now kids who are bullied are a different story.

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