What to Do When Your Kid Is Assigned a 'Bad' Teacher

back to school pencilsMy kid came home from the last day of school, her report card clutched in her hand. Flip it over, and there it was. The teacher assignment we didn't want. The moment I've been dreading has arrived.

It was bound to happen. You can only go so many years getting the "good" teacher before you end up with the one teacher all the parents warn you about.


Now an entire summer stretches before us. A summer that's filled with choices.

Do I march up to the school and demand my kid be moved to another class?

Do I sit around wringing my hands and working myself up into a really stellar panic attack, a panic attack that will no doubt infect my kid and leave her dreading the start of school?

Or do I just chill out, cross my fingers, and hope for the best?

All options moms have before them in a situation like this.

Personally, I've decided to go with option C. I probably could fight with the school, but I'd be using up my one "get out of jail free" card to play with the school administration for my kid's entire time there. I've decided that's just not worth it; I need to save it for a time I really feel like they're doing something wrong.

Because as "crappy" as the stories are about this teacher -- and I've heard everything from lazy to irrational -- you just don't know how your kid and a teacher are going to interact until it happens.

She could be horrible, or she could surprise you! If it's horrible, then you have time to throw down that card, to fight the administration tooth and nail. Do it too early, and you could end up screwing your kid in the long run and put a target on her back as the kid of that mom who always raises trouble.

Do it too early, and you could end up missing out on a year with a teacher who isn't as bad as everyone said.

I let myself get worked up for a few hours because I'm human, but I've forced myself to lay off and just let it be because I don't want my kid going into school in September already dreading it. So far she hasn't heard any of the stories I have, and I'm trying to keep it that way. As far as she knows, this is just another teacher, and it will be just another school year.

If we're lucky, it will be.

Did your kid get a crappy teacher assignment? How are you dealing with it?


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