Transgender First-Grader Wins Right to Use Girls' Restroom

bathroom stallsFor the past year or so, Coy Mathis has dressed as a girl. She loves the color pink. She's recognized by both her family and the state of Colorado, where she lives, as a girl. But earlier this year, Coy Mathis was banned from using the girls' restroom at her school, Eagleside Elementary. Distraught and upset, her parents filed an official discrimination complain with the Colorado Civil Rights Division.

Yesterday, the Division ruled in favor of Coy in her fight against the school district. That's right: Coy won the right to use the girls' restroom.

What a victory for Coy, but more importantly, what a lesson for children everywhere. This ruling sends a loud and clear message that just like any other type of bullying, discriminating against transgender students isn't fair. Not by the administration and not by the students.

I understand the concern, but here are the facts: Coy looks and acts like a girl. She wears girls' clothes. She likes the stereotypical things that girls do. She identifies as a girl. If Coy was going to go into the boys' bathroom, it would make everyone involved feel out of place -- including the other little boys. In the girls' bathroom, Coy is able to use a stall and, hopefully, avoid making anyone else feel uncomfortable.

The most important credential in Coy's case, I believe, is her safety. The last thing Coy needed to do was to be the only student going to the special gender-neutral faculty bathrooms or the nurse's bathroom, opening up the door for teasing and bullying. Now with this ruling, Coy will be treated equally ... or so we can hope.

Now, Coy can stop being home-schooled. Now, she can go back to a place where hopefully she'll be accepted as the little girl she is. Most importantly, now Coy's case will be a benchmark decision for transgender discrimination throughout America.

Do you think the Colorado Rights Division made the right decision? Or do you think this will cause even more problems?


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Felip... FelipesMom

Woohoo!!! Score one for equality, acceptance, and common sense! SO happy for this little girl!!!!! :o)

nonmember avatar In_GOD_i_trust

And this is one of the MANY reasons my Child will NEVER set foot in a public school.

nonmember avatar In_GOD_i_trust

FelipesMom: HE is a BOY. It's sad that HIS parents are letting HIM live this delusion.

nonmember avatar P


Says the person who still believes an invisible man can smite whoever doesn't believe "he's" there.

LostS... LostSoul88

No the child is a GIRL get it straighten you narrow minded ignorant bible humping self righteous idiot. Just because she was born with male parts does not make her a boy.  I sure hope you don't have kids. Who is society to say how a boy or girl should look or act? Go ahead and follow what ever society wants you to be, be the sheep BAHHHHHHH. If you're not a size zero big boob giggley blonde then you're also going against what society. 

LeeshaE LeeshaE

@In_GOD_i_trust if you have a problem with trangender people maybe you should ask your god to stop making 'em!!!

So happy for Coy but sad that our world is so narrow minded that we have to celebrate a little girls right to use a ladies room over something as small a chromosome

nonmember avatar Shandeigh

"Just because she was born with male parts does not make her a boy." Actually... it kinda does.. but whatever. I think the whole thing is kinda sad for this poor little kid. A first grader is too young to really know or understand this sort of thing. When I was in first grade I wanted to be a boy... boy toys and clothes were more fun. My parents told me I was a girl and that I could certainly play with the same toys as a boy but I was still a girl. I shudder to think what sort of mental damage would've been done to me had my parents been like "ok. You're a boy" and then let me be a boy because I was going through a phase. I'm a female. I like being female and as an adult... I still like a lot of "boy" things but I'm still a girl. I think this boy would be better served by his parents helping him to accept who and what he is... there's no reason he can't still play with Barbie and be a boy.

twili... twilightsbella

If this child was born with male parts than she is a boy not a girl. His parents need to stop telling him hes a girl wen he has boy parts. Sounds like they wanted a girl so bad they are living in their own make believe world and started believeing their son is a girl.

twili... twilightsbella

I really dnt blame the school for wanting him to use the boys bathroom since he is a boy with boy parts. I wouldnt want him using the same bathroom as my daughter unless he has girl parts

LostS... LostSoul88



So because she has a penis means she's automatically a boy mentally? No it doesn't. Physically yes. Mentally and emotionally NO

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