5 Awesome Beach Games That Are Fun for the Whole Family

family playing tag on the beach

As soon as summer arrives, there is just one place I want to be -- the beach. But now that I'm a mom, it's not just about lounging under an big umbrella with a margarita in hand. Kids want to keep moving no matter where they are. So we put some beach games to the test and have created a list of awesome activities that will keep the whole family entertained.

family beach games

  1. Sharks and Minnows Think of it as beach tag. Designate one person to be the shark and the all others will be minnows, who standing facing the shark about 20 feet away. When the shark yells, "Fishy, fishy come out and play," the minnows begin walking toward him. Then when he yells, "Shark attack," they try to run past him. Those are caught are out.
  2. Sand Darts Draw a big circle in the sand along with a few concentric circles inside it. The players stand several feet away and toss pebbles, rocks, or shells to try to get as close to the center as possible.
  3. Beach Golf Set up buckets, water bottles, coolers, and beach balls in the sand. Stand at least 15 feet away and use a Frisbee to try to hit each item.
  4. Treasure Hunt What better place to find buried treasure. Make a list of cool things to look for like shells, colored rocks, a golf ball, sand shovel, etc. Use a plastic container as a treasure chest to collect it all. You can also use riddles like, “He sits facing the sea, but unless he looks down, he won’t see me.” Hint:it's a lifeguard.
  5. Beach Volleyball Whether the match is casual or super competitive, it's fun for everyone. You don't even need a net. Just draw a line in the sand and lob the ball back and forth.

What are other good beach games?


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