Cool Dad Brad Pitt Let His 11-Year-Old Get Shot in Head for ‘World War Z’ Cameo

brad pitt and maddoxThere is a reason movies have ratings. Do you really want your kids watching some sex-filled, gross-out comedy you don't want to explain? Or worse, a slasher flick that is sure to give them nightmares for months? Of course not. Those films aren't made for young, impressionable children. So it's no surprise that people are up in arms over Brad Pitt allowing his son Maddox not only to see his new scary zombie flick, but he let him star in it. But he isn't a helpless victim in World War Z. Rather, the 11-year-old plays a flesh-eater who gets shot in the head -- twice! So does this make Brad a bad dad?

The scene is apparently pretty graphic. The latest film to chronicle a zombie apocalypse, this one is especially scary with lightning fast monsters trying to feast on the living. The pint-size Maddox is one of them and "gets shot in the head ... multiple times," says the proud dad of his son's movie debut. "I don't know what that says about me as a parent."

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He may have no idea, but plenty of other parents do. Some are critical of the fact he allowed his child in such a violent setting. At first, I was horrified too. But c'mon, is this really so terrible? No one knows Maddox as well as his parents, and if they thought he was ready to be a part of something like this, then he probably was. Besides, boys play shoot the bad guy all the time. This was just a big, splashy, elaborate version of it.

Perhaps this was Brad's way of bonding with his kid. It's the A-list take on bring your kid to work day, I suppose. As for the violence factor, how is this so different than hunting with your children? Plenty of people do that. I would argue being shot in the movie is much more tame -- after all, it's fake. No one really died. And the best part is Maddox has a cool memory with his dad.

Do you think this was an inappropriate film for Maddox to star in?


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nonmember avatar Shandeigh

He's 11... I remember watching Friday the 13th part 3 when I was ten and I was fine. I knew it was fake and was mature enough to handle it. It's his kid... he knows what he can handle. We don't.

Sandi Underwood Hodges

behind the scenes it is just fake and now the child knows it is just a fun day playing zombie. most scenes are shot in pieces and then put together. i wish i had the chance or any one of my children to take part in such an adventure. it is the finished product that you have to be choosy about for your child to see.

there... theresaphilly

I saw my first horror movie at five years of age, I was scared and then I went to sleep. I've been watching horror movies from then on.  Lets worry about our own kids.

Samantha Kirk

there are so many child actors that are in violent films why judge brad pitts son because of who his father is?

Green... GreenEyesMom

Wow people are hilarious. He's 11, how many 11 year olds like zombies? A lot. If it were my kid I'd say hellz yeah. I think Brad and Angie are doing great, the hell with the haters on their pedistals. I'm on Brad's side.

hexxuss hexxuss

Both his parents are Hollywood movie people in every regard.  I didn't bat an eye when I saw this - in fact, I thought it was pretty cool of him to do.

totes... totessarcastic1

Who cares? You see younger kids, being far creepier in movies! Um, remember, "I see dead people?" That kid freaked me out...and he was young then too...doing a whole psychological thriller. To each their own, and every kid can handle different things. If the kiddo can know the difference between reality and fantasy (I've met some who can't differenciate when playing video games, so we hide them at my house) have at it! Gotta start somewhere when you want to start in movies! Go big or go home!

DanaM... DanaMarie411

It's just theatrics! I think it's ok for his son to know the difference between reality and theatrics! If it wasn't his kid it would be someone elses. And he was behind the scenes where he could see everything was completely and utterly fake! I think it would do more kids could to see the inner workings of movies to seperate the reality from the fake effects.

ABeav... ABeaverhausen

For the love of wine, that child should be removed from Brad's care!  UNFIT PARENTING!!!  

My 3 year old does a brilliant zombie walk while saying, "Baaaaaiiiiinnnnnssss."  She got TWO cookies for that shit.  People need to chill the hell out.

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