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7 Must-Have Items to Keep in Your Car for Family Road Trips

road tripRoad trips with children are notorious for being less than fun and generations of parents can tell you exactly why. But with the right preparation, a road trip can actually be a good time. Of course, the smartest way to ensure that is to keep a small road trip pack on hand at all times in the car. This way if a short day trip becomes a longer one thanks to traffic or unforeseen issues, you are prepared. 

But what can you keep in the car to make even a medium-sized drive with kids bearable? You'd be surprised. Here are seven different items that can be kept in the car at all times for impromptu road trips and any other time.

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Bob192 Bob192

Audio books are a great idea!!  My kids would love to read along.  I've never thought of this.

slw123 slw123

A portable DVD player is our biggest lifesaver.

la_be... la_bella_vita

Great List. My kids always bring blankets

GwenMB GwenMB

I agree with everything except the DVD player. We go on long road trips (2-3weeks total) and never watch DVDs.

My boys are finally old enough that audio books keep their attention. My 6 yo wants to listen to Little House in the Big Woods again. (We are in the middle of a 3 week road trip right now)

dusky... dusky_rose

Instead of candy, I have granola bars in the back of my car in case our son gets hungry.

allie... alliesmom112

I agree with all of these except candy. We always have snacks but we rarely do candy 

allie... alliesmom112

we also have plenty of music and color books

allie... alliesmom112

along with blankets pillows are a must 

ddhb2007 ddhb2007

Well, we've gone on eight 4,000+ mile road trips, and we've never taken any of your "must haves". You obviously don't road trip enough.

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