20 Priceless Kid Quotes That'll Inspire You to Record Your Little Ones


funny kidsKids are many things. Their parents' greatest gift. Their parents' greatest achievement. And let's face it ... their parents' greatest source of entertainment.

As the saying goes, kids say the darndest things. Between the non sequiturs, the mispronunciations, and the all-around silliness that they get up to, sometimes life with kids is all about trying to remember the latest goofy thing that's made you laugh until you cried.

Do you remember the last hilarious thing your child said? What about the thing before that?

If you don't, you're missing out! But there's hope for you yet ...

With summer vacation upon us and plenty of family bonding time in the cards, how about starting a family quote journal?

Start by setting up a chalkboard or a dry erase board in the house so when the kids say something particularly hilarious, you can jot it down quickly ... where everyone in the family can see it.

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Next step? Transfer the quotes from the board into a journal. That leaves room on the board to add more ... and preserves the hilarity to look back on and laugh!

hilarious kids quotes

Need some inspiration? Take a look at these hilarious kid quotes that still give their parents the giggles.

What's the funniest thing your kids have said lately?


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