11 Ordinary Things That Make Moms Quake in Their Boots

fearI used to love summer vacation. What kid doesn't? And then I had a kid and I realized that moms fear some of the very things their kids adore ... some of the very ordinary things WE used to love (or at least tolerate). Now summer vacation means two months of having to pay babysitters, juggle camp schedules, and ward off the "I'm bored"s.

Yes, I fear summer vacation much the same way I fear too much quiet and the question why. Because that old cliche about how everything changes after you have kids is absolutely true!

Things that never made you bat an eye and things you thought were peachy keen suddenly become things you FEAR when you become a parent.

And it's not just summer vacation. Behold the crazy things moms fear because, well, we're moms!

What do you fear now that you're a parent that never bothered you before?


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Jessica Grr Argh

Most of these don't even sound like things every mother fears... just the Author. The title should be 11 things that Jeanne quack in her boots. And I'm not even sure it should be "fears" as much as "disklikes" or  "is annoyed by".

Kahla11 Kahla11

I will admit I dread the lego or blocks at night. This is one of my night time fears is stepping on one of those and letting out a yell that wakes up the twins and oldest kid.

heydo... heydooney

I don't like syrup messes, so usually I add cinnamon and raisins to the pancakes and have them dip them in apple sauce.

Dayija Dayija

I'm learning how to let kids be kids...cause if they're not, what kind of cool stories are they gonna tell when they get older?

SKSmom24 SKSmom24

I can totally relate to this post,  it may not be everyones fears, but I know many moms who dread many of these! Especially summer vacation, when your kids are all home and bored out of their minds and continuosly fight with their siblings!

Rubys... RubysMommy

Omg yes to all of them! The syrup, Legos, public libraries (places in general where its suppose to be quiet), lice and permanent markers are definitely on my list. We literally did have to repaint our WHOLE house because my son thought his art needed to be on the wall and I don't mean on paper.

Amanda Hall

Haha yea none of these are actual fears to a mom in my opinion but the head lice one and luckily I have dodged that bullet so far. Lego stepping on is a way of life especially if you have a boy but you know barbies hurt just as bad believe it or not. Luckily my kids are pretty much past the quiet equals bad part. Sometimes summer vacation has it's days where you ask yourself when is school starting again? But that doesn't happen until it is close to the end the first bit is just fun and laid back.


ok first off jessica grr argh SERIOUSLY??? there always has to be one person who opens their stupid mouth and says something disrespectful. As a mother of 2 i can relate to all but one of these things, i wouldnt say I fear them but they are certainly on my dislike page...i think the only one i dont have to worry about is the marker on the walls because my husband and i have designated a room in our finished off basement as the "playroom" for our children, and we have given them a paint brush, markers and crayons to color the walls as they please, i think doing this gives them a special out they wouldnt normally have, so they dont really feel the need to color on the walls upstairs lol....

Amber Meister

Yeah im agreeing with these not being actual FEARS. Definitely annoying things when your child or children or going through these stages though. But if you sit and think about it. When the stage is over and your talking to your friends and family about it. Its usually and funny and cute story of your children growing up. I say enjoy it all! But im starting to get annoying with alot of these articles because of the titles. I hate the way the are written to get peoples attention. Im not trying to be a whiner. Just hoping they see this and understand. Its not cool! But anyways i laughed at some of these cause i can sooo relate. Expecially the legos. My little one have pieces for making your own hotweels track. They hurt like crazy when you step on one bare foot lol.

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