10 Tips for Keeping a Wet & Wild Water Balloon Fight From Getting Out of Hand

water balloon fight

It’s hot outside, the kids are out of school, and what do you do now? If you are anything like me, you were super excited for your kids to be off for summer break. That is until you realized that meant that your kids were going to be home every day for the next three months, asking you constantly, “Can we go to the pool?” Declaring over and over again, “I’m bored!

I’ve found myself racking my brain to compile list upon list of things to do to fill our days and pass the time. My mission is to find something fun for my kids to do that keeps them outside, active, and not bored. Then I remembered a favorite activity of mine when I was a child: water balloon fights.


I grew up with six brothers and sisters so we always had an instant party -- just add activity. But I have two daughters and I want them to have fun with their friends without someone getting hurt. As we all are very aware, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, right?

So, I’ve come up with a few ideas of how to have a fabulous water balloon fight with young kids that doesn’t get out of hand, end in tears, or someone getting water bombed in the face by a crazed 7-year-old with no concept of what “personal space” is.

  1. Make forts.
  2. Designate two team captains.
  3. Pre-fill loads of water balloons.
  4. Hide secret stashes of water-filled balloons around the premises.
  5. Have cool prizes for best sportsmanship, most wet, and best attitude (so the less athletic kids can still feel like winners).
  6. Absolutely, under no circumstances, will multiple kids ganging up on one kid be tolerated and will result in an automatic eviction from the fun.
  7. Keep water balloon fight participants within a three-year age range, so big kids are not pummeling little kids.
  8. Limit the amount of children allowed to play at any given time.
  9. No water bombing of spectators or people who have not agreed to play (like grandparents or babies).
  10. Absolutely no blows to the face allowed.

Follow these few simple rules and your kids will be having hours of good, clean, and safe fun with no one crying, whining, or losing an eye.

What’s your favorite summer pastime for your child?

Image via Mark Surman/Flickr

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