11 Simple Things Moms Do Daily to Keep Their Kids Safe (PHOTOS)

kid play cautionIt's the most rewarding "job" we could ever have, but sometimes this mom gig is downright hard and also a little scary. I mean, don't you get a little overwhelmed sometimes by all the things we have to do to ensure that our kids grow up healthy, happy, and safe?

And I'm not even talking about big things, necessarily. Keeping our children protected applies to something as seemingly insignificant as making sure to put sunscreen on them every day. It's an easy thing to forget to do, but considering we could possibly contribute to our kids getting skin cancer down the road, we have to make it a point to squeeze those extra few minutes into our already busy routines.

We may not even realize we're doing them, but there are quite a few other safety "rituals" moms implement -- some of them on a daily basis, to keep our little ones safe and sound.

Check out these photos to see 11 simple things moms do regularly to make our kids' safety a priority.


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Melissa Smiley

So, you care about the safety of children. However - when a father with infant twins feels overwhelmed and doesn't know who to turn to for help  - you make fun of him. When we all see stories of the alternative - shaken babies, babies thrown against walls...can you please address the 369 comments on your article. You need to do the right thing. DO NOT make people feel bad for getting help for being overwhelmed. It is people like you that make those who are sinking feel ashamed and embarrassed and they do the WRONG thing! 

nonmember avatar Rae

I agree with many of these (seatbelts, checkups) but don't you think a few of them are a little insane? I mean, NEVER talk to strangers? what if they're lost in a store - how can they get someone to help them page you if they don't talk to a security guard or someone who works there? NEVER home alone? how about letting a 10yo show some responsibility or independence after school by getting home, fixing a snack and starting their homework on their own and let them learn to manage their time and take responsibility?

LadyM... LadyMinni

I protect my kids by not getting them the flu shot. How odd.

And I'm with Rae, what is so bad about talking to strangers? If I hadn't talked to a stranger I would have spent hours wandering Disney World alone at 3 years old. I'm fine with talking to strangers, it's going places with strangers that bothers me. I will say that 10 might be a little young to be home alone, but I've spent most of my life in Virginia where you have to be 12 to be home alone. Two years is a big gap with kids, if they're anything like me.

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