11 Simple Things Moms Do Daily to Keep Their Kids Safe (PHOTOS)

kid play cautionIt's the most rewarding "job" we could ever have, but sometimes this mom gig is downright hard and also a little scary. I mean, don't you get a little overwhelmed sometimes by all the things we have to do to ensure that our kids grow up healthy, happy, and safe?

And I'm not even talking about big things, necessarily. Keeping our children protected applies to something as seemingly insignificant as making sure to put sunscreen on them every day. It's an easy thing to forget to do, but considering we could possibly contribute to our kids getting skin cancer down the road, we have to make it a point to squeeze those extra few minutes into our already busy routines.

We may not even realize we're doing them, but there are quite a few other safety "rituals" moms implement -- some of them on a daily basis, to keep our little ones safe and sound.


Check out these photos to see 11 simple things moms do regularly to make our kids' safety a priority.


Image via plind/Flickr

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