School Fires Teacher Because Her Husband Is 'Too Dangerous'

carie charlesworthMost of us can't imagine turning our back on a domestic violence victim and her kids who were in desperate need of help. But not everyone is so empathetic. Carie Charlesworth, a sixth-grade private school teacher, was fired because her ex-husband was "too dangerous." Not only did she lose her job -- and her only means of supporting her family -- her four kids (all students at the school) were kicked out as well. Was this really the right thing to do?

I understand the administrators' and parents' fears. Her ex, who had a restraining order against him, had popped up in the elementary school parking lot the Monday after harassing his family over the weekend. She told the school principal what had happened and the entire school went into lockdown mode. It's a necessary precaution in this day and age, where schools have been the setting for the most unspeakable acts of violence. There is a restraining order against him that he ignored and, as a result, was put in jail. But anticipating his release, the San Diego school kicked the entire family out even though Charlesworth had taught there for 14 years without a blemish on her record.

The school's decision just goes to further victimize the victims. Not only that, it sets a bad example for the entire student body. The lesson in all of this? Turn your back on someone in need. Kids who have very troubled and stressful home lives find a great deal of comfort in the routine and calmness of school. That has now been stripped away.

Don't get me wrong. It's not as though I think they should just ignore the situation or a possible threat, but there must be another solution other than leaving this woman with no way to support her family and no school for the children to attend. If there is a restraining order in place and this man keeps breaking it, the police need to increase their presence and protect this woman and her family, even if it means regularly patrolling the campus.

Or perhaps put her on administrative leave or give her an office job with the Diocese of San Diego, which runs her school and many others. What happened to this woman doesn't just affect her, it affects all victims of domestic violence. It shows them that being honest about what is going on in their lives may only increase their suffering and that's just not right.

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Do you think this mom should have lost her job?

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lulou lulou

Im not all that religious anymore.  However, if I sent my children to a religious school, I would have a hard time sending them back to a school that goes against its own religious teachings.  Im picturing a kid raising their hand in class at this school saying - "so about that whole do onto others thing?" or a "wwjd"

nonmember avatar mel

Wow. They really didnt think that through before they acted. I hope all kinds of victim advocates stink up the joint. Maybe it will help other schools realize that they cant just act and not fully think this through. She obviously did everything in her power to stay safe and keep everyone as safe as possible. Obviously she never could control him or his actions. How can she be held accountable ? You know hes just smirking away because he gets to ruin her life and career. Just what a controlling as$ hole wants. She already has probably been to hell and back with this man.

Also if this had been a student/parent custody issue... the child would not have been thrown out of the school because his parents are potential dangers .

How is this f*cking legal ?!?!

nonmember avatar Kaytee

I don't think it's right but I understand it. If he showed up at the school once he'll likely do it again, and next time he might do some damage. They could of acted better though, perhaps if she was put on paid leave or something instead.

Robbie Haverstock

The parents at the school where threatening to pull their kids out due to safety fears. The ex-husband has a long history of not only abusing the women in his life, but also threatening and being violent with people who interfere with access to the targets of his rage. Yes this woman is blameless for choosing to marry someone with q 20+ year laundry list of violence against women and others in multiple states.
His showing up on campus happened so close to the Newton tragedy, which left many parents and teachers more hyper sensitive. The schools first duty is to those children entrusted to their care. I tell you what, why don't you all get her into your place of employment and into your children's school. Somehow when you are getting the crap beat out of you by him as you try and protect her I think your view will change.

nonmember avatar Dawn

How about if the school called the police? How about if the school took out a restraining order also? There are so many alternatives to this situation. It is ridiculous how desensitized we have become.

Rando... Randomlady

Does anyone see the simplest solution to this entire mess? Keep her and her children in the school as they were, send the ex-husband and only offender of this story to jail. I'm sorry but he is the one causing trouble, why should his family suffer as they are trying to leave him? If he is a repeat offender then I see no reason why this man isn't locked away for a long time for the protection of society, that's why we pay the cops right?

nonmember avatar lyzzbrett

I feel like this is in blatant violation of the Violence Against Women Act. You cannot penalize someone for the abusiveness of their partner (or ex partner).

Victo... Victoria0785

If he has such a long past with violence, he should stay in jail. He's clearly a threat to the family, and potentially others. He should be locked away for a long long time!

cmjaz cmjaz

I agree with the school. I'm very sorry for the woman who got fired and for her children. None of it is her fault. However, I believe that the legal system is at fault that they would have such an obvious danager to society, out on the street. The schools first and only job is the safety and education of their children. They can't do either with her ex around. No restraining order will keep him away and he can get a gun illegally. If he shoots a student, everyone on here would wonder why the school didn't do something.

Admin leave can only be done for a week or two before they have to let her go since there's no true resolution to this until the cops are allowed to keep his ass in jail.

Dana M

Seriously, why on earth is this guy not in jail???

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