6 Awesome Benefits to Camping as a Family

family camping

Getting out into the great outdoors is an even better idea than you think. Sure, it saves some money if you pitch a tent or stay in a camper -- which is most certainly a plus -- but it also creates some incredible summer memories for your family.

Need more convincing? There are some awesome benefits to camping as a family including how it's great for your health.


1. Bonding. When you do something like camping with your family, it really takes the whole family to make the camp work. Everyone has a role, everyone can pitch in, and therefore everyone is interacting so much more than if you were in a hotel with adjoining rooms.

2. No TV! You've probably tried unplugging the TV at home, but short of throwing it out the window, kids are going to watch more than we want them to. Out in the wilderness, there is no television. You'll watch nature together, go exploring, and have that one-on-one attention you need as a family.

3. Fresh air. Breathing in the fresh air is nature's recharger. It's healthy for our bodies and what mom isn't looking for healthy things to put in our kids' bodies?

4. Truly connecting with nature. Too often we take nature for granted and this wears off on our kids. Spending a few days in nature with the family will teach your kids things they may have never knew before. They may know how to work an iPad, but tent-side they will learn how to build a fire, catch a fish, see animal habitats, and all the natural architecture nature has to offer.

5. Builds focus. Constant TV, Facebook, and texting isn't great for focus or our kids' eyesight. It's not good for us either. Being free of all that -- being in the present and interacting -- will build focus.

6. No stress. Vacations can be stressful. Sometimes when you get home from vacation, you need another vacation from your vacation. But once you settle into camping with your family, the stress of every day will disappear. You'll all get home feeling stress-free, recharged, and energized. Even better than a cup of coffee.

What are your favorite benefits of camping with your family?

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