Kids Planning Special Homecoming for Military Dad Get Huge Surprise of Their Own (VIDEO)

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dad surprises kidsCue. The. Tears! After seeing this emotional video of a military dad surprising his kids in the driveway with his homecoming, I'll probably sit here and sniffle my way through the rest of this day.

Yes, most of these reunions get me every single time (because anyone with half a heart can't resist them), but this one had a few extra elements thrown into the mix that really threw me for a loop.

Like the fact that the two little boys thought they were only practicing for welcoming their dad home and had no clue that they were about to get a surprise they never saw coming.

Watch the clip below to see how it all played out -- and be prepared to feel your heart about to burst when the one boy finally realizes what is going on and yells, "Daddy!"

OMG. Is that one of the sweetest moments you've ever seen? And it's so cool how this amazing dad managed to pull off such a huge surprise for these kids -- especially since his little girl knew what was going on the entire time.

Just imagine for a second how thrilled she must have been to see her daddy standing in the bed of that truck, but instead of rushing over to greet him immediately -- she let her brothers have that special moment first, since the surprise was technically meant for them. From the looks of it, she can't be more than 10 or so, which means she exercised an incredible level of maturity to allow her brothers the opportunity to get to their dad first.

This reunion would've been sweet either way, but something about the way she restrained herself really tugs at my heartstrings. It's just so wonderful to see this family back together again -- and hopefully they stay that way for a very long time!

Did this video move you to tears?

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nonmember avatar Maggie

The video has been removed from Youtube! Sounds like such a sweet story.

Megan Cady Graham

the video has been removed by the user... :(

Christine Bright-Smith

You can find it

Michelle Williams

This is my family. What you wrote about my daughter just melted my heart. She is only 7 and yes, she did a great job letting her brothers enjoy that moment with their father. Thank you for the wonderful caring words.

Lisa Morris

the full address for seeing this is

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