Teacher Duct Taped Student to Chair for Being 'Rowdy'

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duct tapeWhen mom Natasha Crutchfield sent her 8-year-old son to school, she thought he'd be safe. He was going to SCHOOL. But then her son came home from his San Antonio, Texas school and told her he'd been duct-taped to a chair for three hours by a teacher who said he was too "rowdy."

Appropriate discipline? Not on your life. But what's a mom to do?

She wasn't there. She had to send her kid to school. And instead of being able to choose an appropriate course of action to correct her son's behavior, she had to rely on the school staff to do it.

It's what parents across the United States do every day. We pack our kids lunches, fill up their backpacks, and we load them on school buses, off to spend a day with other adults who we hope will treat them as we would.

Usually they do. Usually I agree if a teacher decides my kid should sit out five minutes of recess for forgetting to bring her homework home for the third time in a row or spend a few minutes with her head on her desk for talking too much in class.

But when the school does something I don't agree with wholeheartedly, it's hard to know just what to do. If I don't stick up for her, then I've failed her. But if I raise a ruckus, what message am I sending her about respect for authority, for other adults who DO have to discipline her when I'm not around?

Take what happened to Natasha Crutchfield's son.

Clearly, a child should not be duct taped to a chair for any amount of time. That little boy should have felt it was OK to pull the tape off, get up, and walk to an administrator's office to report her for doing something wrong.

It's not his fault that he didn't, nor is it his mom's. It's impossible to prepare our kids for every eventuality.

We try to teach our kids that they need to respect their elders, but we also have to teach them that their elders aren't always right, that sometimes it's OK to disobey their elders.

This is the fine line you walk both before and after a situation akin to the Crutchfields. Because now this mom has to raise a stink, has to get the Judson Independent School District to do something about a teacher who duct tapes kids to chairs so that her kid knows she's got his back, while still teaching her son to respect OTHER teachers.

It's not for the faint of heart. But good for her for sticking up for her kid. He's just a little boy ... and he needs her help.

Have you ever had to complain when a school staffer disciplined your child too harshly? What did you do about it?


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Victo... Victoria0785

I'm all for time outs in school for misbehaving, but this is ridiculous! So dangerous too. There could have been a fire, or god forbid another school shooter, and this kid was trapped taped to a chair without being able to escape! I get that many kids are ill- mannered these days, but kids have energy, always have, always will. I refuse to believe these kids today are really that much more energetic than my or my parents generation. Teachers have a tough job, part of that job includes redirecting energy into a positive direction. Never putting a child in a potentially dangerous situation as punishment!

nonmember avatar JGM1764

This happened to a friend of mine when she was in 3rd grade! In her case it was done by a substitute teacher. Her crime? Getting out of her chair to throw away used tissues and get clean ones because she had a runny nose. The idiot sub taped her to the chair for a few hours, so of course she was in tears, her nose running snot all down her face and shirt, and the sub yelling at her. When she went home that day you can bet her mom raised hell about it.

Jen Roberts

I could understand for a few minutes to get a point across that she wasn't playing games but 3 hours is too much. 

Stephanie Smith

The teacher should lose her job...this is uncalled for no matter what the child was doing.

bills... billsfan1104

I want to know if this is true.

Felip... FelipesMom

What's a mom to do? FILE CRIMINAL CHARGES and SUE the bleep outta that school system! This is NOT a tricky situation - it is very clear cut! The boy should have felt it was OK to take the tape off and walk to the office???? He is EIGHT YEARS OLD! And in case you haven't heard, you can't just un-duct-tape yourself! That's why people use it for kidnappings etc!!!! 

Karen Sunshine Marschner-Cassel

Both sides of the story is needed on this one. Kids are out of control. Teachers are left defenceless. Imagine ...........

Cindy Marie Cramer

i had this happen to me when i was 9 by a teacher Mrs half hill from akron ohio it left emotional scars i was adhd and passed out she taped me to the chair and taped my legs arms and mouth 


nonmember avatar Jess

I went to catholic school. I had the title of "class wanderer" since 2nd grade. I had 3 seperate teachers use tape to keep me in my chair. I'm not saying being tight bound by duct tape for over a class period is the right thing to do, but kids are rotten. I know, I was one, and willing to admit it. For me, it was a couple of strips of masking tape across my lap, easily breakable if in an emergency.
Teachers are typically at their wits end to figure out a way to drive home the point that kids have to behave in a certain manner deemed acceptable by society.

Davina Belden

If someone found out we'd done this to our own child in our home it would be turned in and rightfully so as child abuse, why is it any differant if it's a teacher doing it? I understand teachers do have a harder time these day's but bottom line abuse is abuse and we can't let it continue!

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