15 Unintentionally Hilarious & Inappropriate Kid Drawings (PHOTOS)

kid's funny drawingAbout a year ago my son drew a spaceship that looked so astoundingly similar to a penis I was almost embarrassed to pick up the paper in order to praise his artwork. It even had "laser blasts" emanating from the tip of its head, er, nose cone. Plus there was a "space guy" floating nearby at an awkward location and what I'm saying is that I really, really wish I could find the photo I took of that damn drawing because it would fit in PERFECTLY with this collection of outrageous kid drawings I've put together for you.

From blush-worthy adapations of human anatomy to the best misspellings you've ever seen, this list of 15 untentionally funny kid creations should improve your Friday by at least 78%. Enjoy!

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nonmember avatar AddieM

I think the teacher fell off her bike. But it's more fun to think she fell off of a dick.

nonmember avatar mel

Wow that last one really made me laugh. And im having a really bad day .

heydo... heydooney

My son had to draw a weather report. You should have seen his "thermometer."

bills... billsfan1104

The last one was soooo funny. I laughed my Ass off

nonmember avatar Zuri

Oh my God, these are so hilarious. The last one took a while for me to understand, though. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

tania... taniamorse85

I've seen that last one so many times, and I laugh my butt off every single time!

escob... escobedocutie86

My favorite was the dads birthday card! When I was younger I found a cute little statue that said BEST DAD EVER and I gave it to him with a big huge smile on my face, I never could understand why every adult laughed their ass off when they saw it displayed on our entrainment center ( at my request) I found it a couple yrs ago and laughed my ass off too! It's a sperm with a bow on it's head!! Idk what I thought it was back then but I sure do know now!

Raquel Juarez

These pictures got me in tears Im laughing so hard. Poor Ms. Karen might be my favorite. But they are all classic. Absolutely the funniest thing Ive come across in a while. TOO FUNNY

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