15 Unintentionally Hilarious & Inappropriate Kid Drawings

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About a year ago my son drew a spaceship that looked so astoundingly similar to a penis I was almost embarrassed to pick up the paper in order to praise his artwork. It even had "laser blasts" emanating from the tip of its head, er, nose cone. Plus there was a "space guy" floating nearby at an awkward location and what I'm saying is that I really, really wish I could find the photo I took of that damn drawing because it would fit in PERFECTLY with this collection of outrageous kid drawings I've put together for you.


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From blush-worthy adaptations of human anatomy to the best misspellings you've ever seen, this list of 15 unintentionally funny kid creations should improve your day by at least 78 percent. What can we say, they don't know what they're drawing is dirty. Plus it gives us plenty of fuel to embarrass them when they're older.

You're going to HAVE to share these hilarious drawings with your closest friends. And keep them in mind when your child draws his very own peni -- we mean, rocket ship. Enjoy!

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