6 Easy & Entertaining Rainy Day Craft Ideas

sock puppetThe following is a post from our sponsor, Michaels.

Summer fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes away! Head to a Michaels craft store to stock up on a few supplies to keep the kids entertained on bad-weather days. Check out these great DIY ideas for home:


Pipe-Cleaner Garden: Take inspiration from Mother Nature to create your own pretty “garden” inside. Wrap pipe cleaners of all colors and textures around a flat rock or stone, twisting each to itself toward the bottom to keep in place. Add other details like beads, buttons, and sequins with glue, or by threading the pipe cleaners through.

Faux-Glow Votive Wraps: Cut strips of parchment paper to fit around votive or hurricane candle holders you have at home that use safe, flame-less, battery-operated LED candles. The length should be equal to the circumference of the holder, but you can make the wraps taller so they extend above the holder itself. Have kids draw whatever they want on the parchment using crayons, colored pencils, or markers and attach to the holders with clear tape. These make great night lights, too!

Tissue Paper Stained Glass: Place pieces of clear Contact paper on a table, sticky-side up, and press down four thin strips of black construction paper in a rectangular shape on each to make a “frame.” Have kids fill in the “frame” by pressing down pre-cut squares of multicolored tissue paper. When they’re done, stick another sheet of clear Contact paper down on top and use scissors to trim away the excess around the frame.

Homemade Sunshine: Trace kids’ hands on pieces of construction paper in various shades of yellow and cut out (tip: stack multiple pieces together to cut many handprints at once). Meanwhile, have kids paint a paper plate yellow (using fingers or brushes) and add a happy face to each; let dry. Then use glue to attach the cut-out handprints to the back of each plate so the fingers extend out from the center to form the sun’s “rays.”

Royal Crowns: Transform plain-old foam visors from the craft store into headgear fit for a queen or king using self-adhesive jewels, stickers, and more. Sparkly silver or gold pipe cleaners make excellent trimming as well.

Sock Puppets: Dig out those lonely orphaned socks and have the kids give them new life with the addition of pieces of felt, fur, pompoms, buttons, yarn, googly, eyes and anything else you have on hand (or find at the store.)

What’s your favorite easy craft to do with kids?

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