Moms Agree: The Last Week of School Should Be Canceled

last week of school fun
Face paint on fun day & popsicles are so ... educational?
Are you dreading the last week of school as much as I am? I'm not talking about the summer break that comes after it, folks. I'm talking about the giant waste of time that is the last week of school itself.

I remember what the tail end of school was like when I was a kid. It was a whole lot of watching movies, playing kickball, eating popsicles, and trying not to roast inside the '50s era un-air-conditioned rural school building where I spent my formative years. And now that I have a kid, I've learned that nothing. Has. Changed.

The last week of school? Should be optional.


Oh, I know, I know, it's school! Kids must go to school! That's where they learn to grow up and do important things so they can come home from work and veg on the couch in front of the Kardashians and eat massive quantities of junk food (in other words, be grownup Americans!).

But I'm here to tell you that the last week of school is a farce. It's not school!

It's a week for the school district to make us get our kids up and on a bus every morning just so they have enough warm bodies in attendance to get state aid ... and not much else.

My daughter's school doesn't even keep kids in school for the entire day during the last week. She will have several half days, meaning I have to do all the work of getting her butt in gear and loaded onto a bus only to have to turn around four hours later and unload her from said bus, then track down her babysitter to watch her for the rest of the afternoon so I can actually get some work done.

Doesn't it sound like fun?! And I don't even get a popsicle!

Of course, I'm not alone. June has just begun, and already I feel like I've read a book worth of rants about the uselessness of the last week of school.

The teachers who get angry that you're taking your kid out early -- even though they won't be doing anything in class that day anyway. The kids coming home daily on a sugar high thanks to the need to celebrate EVERY summer birthday with cupcakes now (couldn't they spread those throughout the year?). The busywork.

Sure, kids deserve to have a little fun, but we aren't talking one fun day. One mom said her kids do absolutely nothing educational in school for two straight weeks at the close of the school year. Two weeks of popsicles, movies, and kickball!

Would it be so bad to give parents a choice here? If they need the childcare during those hours, send the kids to school. If they have better things to do with the kids, they can do it?

Couldn't it be optional?

If my kid is going to learn something, I'm sending her to school. She should have her butt in that seat.

But my kid can watch movies at home. She can eat popsicles too. And we could skip that whole "go brush your teeth, get your shoes on, no I don't know where you shoes are, wait you didn't brush your teeth yet, OMG the bus is here ..." morning routine ... 

Do you feel like the last week of school is a waste of time? Would you keep your kids home if you could?


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