Sophia Grace 'Girls Just Gotta Have Fun' Video Teaches Girls How to Be Spoiled Brats (VIDEO)

SophiaGraceThere are child stars and then there is Sophia Grace. This pint-sized rapper climbed to fame thanks to Ellen DeGeneres who showcased her work on her show. The 10-year-old is talented. There's no doubt about it. But something in her attitude is ... off. To put it mildly.

Her latest video -- "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun" -- is catchy and kind of fun, until you remember the age of the girl singing. The tiaras, the makeup, and the attitude are all a bit much for a child.

As a mother, there is a certain attitude I would be horrified to see my daughter have and this? Is pretty much it. The entitled "princess" singing and the bratty behavior all make me want to scream. See below:


People always worry about "bad influences" on children and I get that. Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Nikki Minaj, and Madonna have all been accused of being such. But they are adults. 

There is a huge difference when the "star" is actually the same age as my child. My child knows not to act like Katy Perry. She may not know the same about the little girl throwing pies in people's faces and acting like the queen bee.

Little girls have a hard enough time in this world without having to see confusing images like this. Sophia Grace may be a perfectly sweet little girl when the cameras are off and she isn't performing, but my daughter doesn't know that. She doesn't realize that behavior isn't "fun"; it's actually just poor behavior. Cyndi Lauper was singing about things we could look forward to. This girl is rapping about things she is doing as a child. Big difference.

There are plenty of books that have poor protagonists I don't want influencing my child, but someone like Eloise -- also a bit of a spoiled brat -- is at least spunky and cute. She is also fictional. When my 6-year-old sees a little girl acting like this on TV, she assumes it's real (she is 6 after all). Obviously, I monitor what she sees, but who knows what she might see on a play date or elsewhere.

It just feels icky. In 10 years, it might be fine. But for now, it's really not.

Do you think this video is appropriate?


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