6 Great Free Backseat Activities for Road-Tripping Kids

Michele Zipp | Jun 24, 2013 Big Kid

kid road tripTraveling with kids -- words that would make any parent shudder. But just because you are hitting the road doesn't mean you have to dread the journey. The secret: Keep your kids occupied and happy in the backseat and your trip will go by with hardly a "are we there yet".

While you are packing your bags, just be sure to include these 6 free backseat activities for your road-tripping kids. Guaranteed to make your adventure better from the minute you step into the minivan.


Image via Kimbery Mahr/Flickr

  • The 'How Much Farther' Game


    Hearing the words "are we there yet" could make any trip the worst, but if you can't beat them, join them! Play the How Much Farther Game by Moms Minivan. Make this game interactive to move the car along as you drive so everyone's aware of how much ground you've covered.

  • Car Bingo


    Get the whole family (except the driver, sorry) involved in Car Bingo! Check off with pencil so you can erase and re-use.

  • Travel Memory Game


    Exercise your kids' brains as they sit strapped in car seats with the Travel Memory Game. Just add crayons. Will have them paying attention to all around them and then recalling what they see to color it in.

  • I Spy With My Little Eye


    Put an I Spy game to paper. Print out and let mom or dad in the front seat call out one of the items on the card. Kids will find it, color it in, then call out another.


  • Muffin Tin and Play Dough


    Image via One Laptop Per Child/Flickr

    You may not think of play dough as a good car trip activity, but it is, it really is. Tactile play is great for kids' idle hands. Bring some play dough in muffin tins and they'll be occupied for quite some time.

  • One-Sentence Story


    Image via andthatswhenIsnapped!/Flickr

    Tell a story together! Have each person in the car, including the driver (yay!), contribute a sentence. Person 1 starts by saying anything at all. "Once upon a time there was a kid who didn't want to eat vegetables." Then person 2 adds to it. "He sure loved cupcakes though!" Continue on and on. Toddlers will probably have the funniest responses. Great for laughs, bonding, and passing the time.  

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