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6 DIY Outdoor Ideas Perfect for Backyard Family Fun

Big Kid Michele Zipp Jun 28, 2013

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Just because it's summer doesn't mean you have to plan an expensive and huge family vacation in order to have a memorable summer. There is fun to be had in your own backyard. Good, cheap fun.

Check out 6 top picks -- all DIY -- perfect for backyard family fun.


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1Make your own solar crayons.

Take all those half broken-up pieces of crayons and throw them in muffin tins with this how-to on making solar crayons. Heat outside in the blaring sun and you have solar crayons! Unique, a fun process to craft with the kids, and it will encourage even more creativity.

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3Create fizzy sidewalk paint.

When kids paint inside, you have to worry about the mess (or not). But take that painting outside and there is tons of fun to be had. Make your own fizzing sidewalk paint and watch your kid's inner artist come out.

Image via MominMadison/Flickr

4Craft your own sun prints.

Get the frames ready because this is art you will want to show off, even give as gifts and it's all handmade ... thanks to the sun. Make your own sun prints with natural elements like leaves and flowers, or even cool shapes like safety pins, cut out shapes, or cool shaped toys.

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5Make your own bird feeder.

There are many ways to make your own bird feeder, but I love the simple ones made from milk cartons. Paint, design, create a roof with sticks -- get creative so you can watch the pretty birds come for breakfast. 



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