Maci Bookout Wants to Adopt a Perfect Playmate for Bentley

Maci BookoutDid you hear Maci Bookout may adopt a baby?! OMG! For real! Yesterday, the star of Teen Mom tweeted that she is considering adopting a 4-year-old playmate for her wild son Bentley, and, of course, people took her seriously. What a joke.

The reality is, the young star isn't adopting a child. She was joking. But as a mom, I totally relate to what she had to say. I HAD my second child 18 months after my first basically to serve as a playdate for my first.

OK, I am joking, too (relax), but there is something to the notion that two kids who are the same age are easier than just one who is demanding of mommy's time and attention.


There are many people who say the reason they had their second was largely so they could entertain the first. But the second isn't a party.

No matter what anyone tells you, nothing can prepare you for the shock of having two kids. Every time one of my kids is gone and I just have one, I think it's like a vacation. Honestly.

But an only child is different. For parents of onlies, they ARE their child's primary playmate. As a mom of two, I might spend more man hours overall having to care for the kids, but as far as play? They mostly entertain themselves.

We are talking hours of pretend games, elaborate setups where my son is the king and my daughter is the dragon and they chase one another around the house yelling "CHARGE" at the top of their lungs. They are best friends, sometimes sparring partners, and constant companions who have been with each other through big moves, funerals, first days of school, bad playdates with other kids, and long vacations.

I envy their bond and the fact that they always have one another. If that's why Maci wants another, then more power to her. She is a good enough mom to have a baker's dozen!

Did you have a second kid for your first?


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