Gift Guide, Big Kids: Sports Lover


The Daily Buzz Gift Guide is a hit! Big Kid moms, have you seen all the suggested gifts for your Head of the Class smarty, the Creative Kiddo and Board Gamer in your house? Today's lucky kid...Sports Lover! Tomorrow stay tuned for the Techno-saurus. Happy holidays!


Product: MLB Trade Up

Cost: $29.99

Where to Buy:

Extras: video of MLB superstars, 52 MLB custom baseball cards and free shipping!

Why I Love It: Is it a board game? Is it a video game? Strike! It's both! Either way it fits in the sports lover category because this one is for true baseball fans. Play fun games about baseball facts, rules and lingo.Match the mascot. With Trade Up your baseball fanatic can actually build their own team and take them to the World Series!

sportsProduct: i9 Sports

Cost: TBD

Where to Buy:

Why I Love It: In a nutshell? The 9 I's. "Imaginative, innovative, inclusive, interactive, insightful, integrity-driven, informational, instructional, impassioned." Through this site you can register to find the i9 sports program in your town. These sports leagues are a mother's dream. Here everyone is a winner, every league is co-ed, and the focus is strictly on fun and good-sportsmanship. The company's motto is "experience beyond the game," so if your child is between 3 and 14, and you are thinking about letting her/him join a team, check i9 out! There are over 100 locations and sports include: flag football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, cheerleading, baseball/softball, golf and hockey.

basketballProduct: Fair Trade Basketball

Cost: $19.99

Where to Buy:

Extras: All after-tax profits from sales of this ball are donated to childrens' charities. 

Why I Love It: What's so special about a basketball? If it's this one--everything. This all weather, high-grip surface ball is "eco-certified" and uses a rubber exterior and interior. For politically -correct moms and sports lovers, it's union-made and vegan to boot. In fact, all of the sports balls by Fair trade Sports are stitched by adult workers paid fair wages and ensured healthy working conditions. Also all of their apparel is sweatshop-free. In this game it's a win-win.

hockeyProduct: NHL Street Hockey Passer

Cost: $39.99

Where to Buy:

Why I Love It: Love hockey but can't get to the ice? Hockey Passer fires passes every 6 seconds at 18mph. Good thing they're not pucks but plastic balls instead! There's a rotating mechanism that keeps kids on their  toes, while a LED light indicates when ball is coming. Includes adjustable plastic hockey stick (28-35") and 8 plastic hockey balls. Best for 5 and up.

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