The 8 Types of Babysitters Every Mom Meets

Kinds of BabysittersIf there's a "golden rule" of motherhood, it's this: when you find a good babysitter, you hold on for dear life. You pay them well and you guard their phone number like it's the last the hope diamond.

I have a babysitter like this. She started with us when she was 13, and she's about to turn 17. She is more like an extra daughter than someone I employ, and I thank the gods for her on a pretty regular basis.

Because I know not every babysitter is like her. There are saints. There are big sisters. And then there are the horror stories. Trying to scout out childcare for the kiddos? Here's a little taste of just who you're going to find out there!

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Don't worry, it's not all bad!

Which of these have you encountered?


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Coles... Coles_mom

When I was a teen and babysat, I wasn't like any of those. I was very responsible and reliable, but I didn't ever play with the kids, cook gourmet meals (?), or clean someone's house. I literally watched the kids or held the baby and that was it. I made sure they were safe. I fed them whatever their parents said to feed them. I, to this day, do not enjoy other people's children. Only mine now. :)

Ciara Rutten

Sounds like you need Lol!

Knitt... KnittyTina

I've never had a sitter that cleans the house, but I really appreciate it when I come home and the toys are put away and the dishes are put in the dishwasher.  

nonmember avatar tara h

I babysat in high school for one family 4 nights a week from around 630 pm to 1 am in the morning. the kids are now 19 and 14 now. they prepared me my kids and we still keep in contact. i wish i could find a babysitter who is as caring to my kids as i was with those kids for the few times we need one.

youth... youthfulsoul

I'm on child #4 and I've yet to find a descent sitter.

Jasmine Swenk

Coles_mom, you took that right out of my mouth lol!!! I babysat for my neighbors when they had 2 boys and still when they had their third. I was sad when they moved away from being next to my mom it was nice to watch the boys grow up but i didnt play with them. Unless it was them climbing up on the couch wanting me to read a story or help with a puzzle i just kept an eagle eye on them. I so didn't want them hurt, their dad was a deputy sheriff!!! So i kept those boys S-A-F-E SAFE!!! Then I babysat for my boss when i worked at Arby's (family friends) their three kids. I would cook for them because I watched them shortly before dinner time to well into bed time. I did bring a boyfriend over once, with permission. I introduced him to the parents before hand and the kids used him as a jungle gym while i cleaned up dinner. they had never slept so fast ever!! then we watched movies till the 'rents came home. Babysitting for a boss btw not a good idea....I NEVER had a day off, i swear they never wanted to be home with the was always me. Then when I didnt want to sit anymore i suddenly had no job at all. fun times lol!! Now with my kids, i swear I trust no one with my kids. I'm slightly paranoid....

Annie Nanny

Choosing a babysitter can be difficult. With all of the babysitters out there, it can seem like an overwhelming task to try and narrow down the pool until you find that one, perfect caregiver.
So what makes a great babysitter?
It is important, for the sake of consistency for your children, that your babysitter be able to commit to your family for at least a year from the interview date. Within that year, there may be dates on which you need a babysitter and she is not be available: however, she ideally will be able to be your babysitter most of the times you are in need...

Christine Westrom-Seip

When my kids were young, I had a teenaged manny. He was fabulous, and the kids loved him. I was very, very sad when he went to college.

heath... heathermorn

I admin - I am SOOOO lucky.  I've never had to hire a babysitter!  I have lots of family close by, and when we need a "sitter" I call my mom or sister.  She even stays with them when we have a weekend away.  So nice never worrying for a second about my daughter when we are away (and even nicer she is spending time with family!).

Emma Mercer

I'm lucky to have my babysitter who has been with us for over a year now. She does not only take good care of the kids, feeds them, watches over them, puts them to sleep but she also do the dishes and take care of the mess inside the house. Babysitters like that should also then be taken good care of.


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