Mom Forces Bully Daughter to Wear Thrift Store Clothes for Picking on Classmate’s Outfit (VIDEO)

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When a woman in Utah was informed by her 10-year-old stepdaughter Kaylee's teacher that Kaylee had been bullying a classmate so badly that the girl no longer wanted to come to school, the woman, Ally (who doesn't reveal her last name), did the unthinkable. She didn't tell the teacher that her precious snowflake couldn't possibly be a bully. She didn't sue the school. And she didn't go to the press to complain about how her daughter is falsely being accused. Instead, she believed the teacher and decided to teach her stepdaughter a lesson. Because Kaylee had been, according to the teacher, making fun of another girl's clothes and calling her a "slob" and a "sleaze," Ally marched straight down ... to the local thrift store.

At the thrift store, Ally picked out $50 worth of clothes that she knew Kaylee would never wear, and the next morning, Kaylee woke up to find her unflattering duds hanging on the bathroom door for her to wear to school. Ally told her this would be her outfit for the day. How ingenious is this?! "She really needed to feel how this felt to know that this was wrong," says Ally.

Kaylee says when she first looked at the clothes, she "died."

Kaylee had to wear thrift store clothes for two days and she says in that time, she herself became the victim of bullying.

Although an expert says that this kind of payback lesson will only make a kid "angry," that's not what happened with Kaylee, who has a "mother-daughter" relationship with Ally, whose father has custody of her.

She says she understands what Ally was trying to teach her. About bullying, she now says, "It's stupid and it's mean."

"I think now that she knows what it feels like," says Ally.

I'm not so sure that two days in bad clothing will erase the bully from this girl's system, but it's a start. And let's all applaud Ally for being willing to believe that her stepdaughter wasn't perfect and might actually be bullying someone. Too many parents are in denial about how mean kids can be -- and sometimes those kids ARE their own!

I really wish there were more moms like Ally. Kaylee is very lucky to have her -- as are her classmates!

Do you think Ally did the right thing?


Image via FOX13

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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Yes.  This sounds like something I would do. :-p

corri... corrinacs

Absolutely.  There's nothing like teaching a child literally what its like to be in someone else's shoes, especially when they do something like this!  I would totally do this in this case, as well as for kids who are not thankful!

MokaM... MokaMommy

Interesting, that she humiliated her STEP-daughter, I wonder would she have done the same thing to her own daughter? And how would you feel if your ex's significant other did this to your child?

nonmember avatar April

I think you missed the point Mokamommy. She didn't do this to her own daughter because the bully was her STEP daughter. And if I had an ex, who was remarried and handle a bully situation this way, I'd applaud it. The kid knows how she made that other child feel now. She learned a lesson in empathy. more power to the step mom

brand... brandspanknnew


If my daughter was doing that; I WOULD LOVE for my ex's SO to do this if I didnt have the chance to first.

Children MUST learn not to bully. The best way to do that, put them in the other persons shoes. This STEP-mom rocks!

Homeb... HomebirthFTW

Since the father has custody and the step-mother cares for the child on a daily basis, it's wonderful she's trying to make positive changes in the girls perspective.

nonmember avatar Lucy89

Awesome tactic! I used to wear thrift-store clothes to school as a child, because we didn't have much money at the time. Some wealthier girls made fun of me for wearing a cheaper dress on class picture day. Luckily, I wasn't that insecure about my clothes, so I didn't make much out of it. But this mom taught a good lesson: you have to be in the victim's shoes to understand how bad bullying can be.

LSeab... LSeabolt1982

Mokamommy I find it funny that you us the word humiliate. What about the child that the step daughter humiliated


blunt... bluntcakes

Interesting how you flipped this from teaching a child a lesson to pointing out that step parents wouldn't do this to their own children. Wow way to miss the point. Kudos.

blunt... bluntcakes

Thank you LSeabolt

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