Krim Family's Pregnancy Announcement Is Sweet News for Their Surviving Daughter

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lulu & leo krimA joyful announcement from a couple who has suffered more sorrow than anyone should ever have to experience: Marina and Kevin Krim are expecting a baby this fall. I still can't think about the incomprehensibly tragic murders of 6-year-old Lucia Krim and her 2-year-old brother Leo last year without feeling physically sick, so to even contemplate what these past months have been like for their parents -- well, it's virtually impossible. As a mom, though, I would venture to guess that their surviving daughter, 4-year-old Nessie -- spared from her siblings' horrible fate because she was at a swim class with her mother when nanny Yoselyn Ortega allegedly stabbed the children to death -- is why they've managed to keep getting up in the morning.

In January, Kevin Krim said of Nessie: "Marina and I couldn't be more proud of her -- she is very smart, beautiful, and tough. And she's grown so much over the past two months. She saves us every day."

And perhaps part of the reason the Krims decided to have another child is to save Nessie. She, too, is coping with tremendous loss -- how can a 4-year-old be expected to understand why she'll never see her big sister or little brother again? Her siblings can never be replaced, of course, but her parents are giving her another little brother or sister to cherish and love in Lucia and Leo's absence. They're also saving Nessie from the burden of growing up as the "sole survivor," a title that invariably comes with guilt, isolation, and a sometimes crippling amount of pressure.

On the Lulu & Leo Fund Facebook page, Kevin Krim posted of the pregnancy: 

We are very happy to let you know that Marina is expecting a baby in the fall. Nessie can't wait to welcome her new baby brother. We are filled with many emotions as we look to the future, but the most important one is hope.

We are very grateful to you all for your amazing support.

The most important one is hope, indeed. And isn't that what a new baby is all about?

Are you happy to hear about the Krim family's new baby?

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GypsiSky GypsiSky

That's such beautiful news for that family! I wish them great peace and happiness as they continue their journey through life. 

Serab... Serabelle

Their loss is incomprehensible. My heart goes out to this family everyday. This new baby will never replace the lives stolen but can show them it's ok to love again and move on. I hope that nanny gets everything that is coming to her. Hurting children is never acceptable. Especialliy f you're trying to get back at the parents. You want to.make parents suffer? Key their car, break their dishes, do not kill their innocent children!

jenjl... jenjluginbuhl

Oh my goodness. That made me cry for them all over again. I pray that everything goes well with the pregnancy and the baby (and mom) are healthy. Bless this family. They have suffered so much, they need some light in their lives.

adopt... adoption2013

All babies are miracles of course I'm happy for them.  

nonmember avatar Fg209

Wonder what happened to the nanny, is she still in jail?

Bless... BlessedMommy312

Yes I am happy for this family that God has blessed them with another child. And saddened at the same time for the loss of there precious babies. I hope there surviving daughter and this new baby will put help them cope with there loss the best they can. I wish the best for this family

Melissa Young

What a blessing after such a horrible tragic killing of innoccents.

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