11-Year-Old Makes Movie Exposing School's Terrible Food (VIDEO)

Ewww! 11

Schools have supposedly made a huge effort in the past few years to offer healthier food options, but one little food critic says that effort is failing miserably. Eleven-year-old Zachary Maxwell, a fourth grader in New York City, who sounds like a combination of Morgan Spurlock and Jamie Oliver, made a 20-minute documentary highlighting his school's woeful lack of nutritious meals -- and even accused the school of false advertising. After his parents told him that they wanted him to eat school lunches -- considering how great they looked on the school's website -- Zachary argued that the online menus did not depict reality. Then he did what any precocious kid would do these days. He got out his video camera.

Zachary snuck a camera into his school lunchroom and began secretly videotaping the lunches. Some of them look pretty gross, that's for sure. The resultant grossness was made into the appropriately titled film, Yuck.

Perhaps Zachary's expectations are a tad high -- he notes that the school system consulted famous chefs like Rachael Ray and Ellie Krieger for food ideas, only to not take them. But can a school really be expected to offer up celebrity cuisine on a daily basis?

Zachary did get into some trouble for his efforts though -- at one point a teacher caught him with his secret yuck-cam and he was told to delete the footage. He pretended to do it but didn't really. Hey, this kid might have a future in politics if the filmmaker thing doesn't work out.

Between this doc and the "pink slime" being served up at schools, it sounds like a disaster. I don't blame kids like Zachary who want to eat healthy for being disappointed and yucked out. Where's Michelle Obama when you need her? Still ... kids these days have so many health issues -- allergies, diabetes, obesity. We should be more mindful about what we're feeding them.

Anyway, you won't believe how this ends. The undercover operation resulted in Zachary not only getting his documentary picked up by the Manhattan Film Festival and awards at numerous other festivals, but he's been named advisor to the New York City Department of Education’s Office of School Food. Seriously?!! If all these bureaucrats are asking an 11-year-old how to do their job, they should all be fired! I'll take my tax money back, thanks!

What are your kid's school lunches like?

Image via YouTube/Yuckmovie.com

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meparty meparty

bring your own lunch, DUR

truth... truthrowan

Meparty, his parents said they wanted him to eat a school lunch, DUR.

holly... hollykins

Then stay home with your nanny, you little snot.

Brandi Nelson

The food didn't look all that bad. Your not going to get restaurant quality food. Maybe the kids is just to picky. Our kids get a lunch menu for the month. If something is coming up that they do not like, I tell them to pack a lunch. Plus with budget cuts its hard to buy all the fresh healthy stuff, because it cost more. So what this kid should be doing is raising money so they can buy better foods.

MyShe... MyShel4life

I commend this young man. He decided to take it upon himself to prove something he felt was true. He's entitled to his opinion just like you and I. Just because he doesn't like the food, doesn't mean it's bad nor does it mean he's in the wrong. Keep standing up for yourself, don't back down. 

HShiah Amatullah

i think that the board took a kid's advice is brilliant! they are the ones who have to eat it not us and not the board members. of course i would let him pick the entire menu, but with his help they could come up with lunches that are nutritious, tasty, and affordable for the state

akhartis akhartis

I actually go to my kids school a lot to cover lunches for the teachers so they can go and have a break for 30 minutes while the kids eat their lunch.  Frankly these new "Healthy and nutritious" lunches are disgusting!  They look awful to start with and that alone keeps the kids from even trying them.  I pack my kids lunch and if some parents only knew what their kids threw away each day they might have the sense to pack theirs too instead of throwing money down the trash can!  If you have never been in the schools at lunch time you should seriously go and check it out!  You eat it and then decide if you want your kids to eat it.  Oh and my kids go to Charter school where food is catered in and it is mostly fresh fruits and namebrand items (those are fine, the kids will usually eat a banana or orange or a little salad or carrots)...it is the main entree that I am mainly speaking of which is the biggest part of their meal (most of it is a hot mess).  The kids cannot get through the rest of the day on a small side item.  JMO!

Lisa Ladonski

Naming him as an advisor is overkill. I get it that he is the one who is eating it, but I still think he is just too picky. The food doesn't look awful. Why can't he pack his own lunch if he can covertly record this video? So his parents want him to eat the school's food, he could have created something nutritious (since he apparently knows what is best).

Darla Maynard

I agree with the young man that the lunches need improvement. Most days my son will come home and he will be starving and I will ask what was for lunch because it isn't always what was listed on the menu we have been given. I do try to get him to at least taste everything on his plate but he says some of it tastes bad (burnt, spicy, etc.) while other stuff is just unappetizing to look at that it is hard to even want to try tasting.

I think children should have a say in what they would like served and would eat because what we like as adults is not what we ate as children. Michelle Obama is supposed to be worried about what our children eat at school and the obesity of them but our children don't go to private schools with chefs like hers and most parents can't afford to always pack lunches for their kids especially if they are on the free/reduced lunch program. Most children this may be the only hot meal that they get in a day so it should be good for them so that they will eat. JMO also.

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