7 Things Moms Shouldn't Let Their Kids Wear to School

school classroomIt seems like at least once a week, a story crops up in the news about a school trying to enforce a dress code that's a little out-of-control. Calling kindergartners' skirts out for being too short (when they're wearing tights!). Banning long hair on little boys.

They make me as crazy as any mom. But if I had to be honest, I feel for school administrators. Because for all of us parents just trying to apply common sense to how we dress our kids, there are the parents who go off the rails.

Take, for example, the mom who lets her 6-year-old wear high heels to school. I shouldn't have to tell you that's inappropriate, but apparently it has to be said.

Yes, there are dress codes that treat our kids like they're going to prison instead of school. There are dress codes that sexualize little kids and seem to slut shame girls

But there is also a reason schools have dress codes. It's called idiot parents.

If you're not one of them, you probably wouldn't send your kid to school in just about anything on this list.Kids Should Never Wear to School

What would you add?


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femal... femaleMIKE

scissors can cut through sneakers too.

Rosas... RosasMummy

in the uk lots of schools and nurseries have pajama days to raise money for charities so then it's ok :)

jessa... jessasmamma

Am I the only one who thinks kids shouldn't be wearing tube tops or high heels at any point besides a wedding (for the high heels)?!?

I'm talking about KIDS, like elementary school/middle school. High heels at prom are one thing - high heels on a 6 year old are completely different.

And tube tops... no. Just no. There's no reason for any kid to be wearing a tube top.

nonmember avatar Shandeigh

I'm with you on everything but the hole's things. Some kids are just hard on clothes. As a kid I was always falling on my knees and ripping the knees out... most parents couldn't afford to buy new jeans every week.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

I agree with Shandeigh, my son always wears holes in the knees of his jeans (he thinks its cool) and I am not about to replace them because by the time there is a holes he will be grown out of them soon enough, at that point they will be replaced.

mompam mompam

There is nothing wrong with holes. Some jeans come with them.

barel... barelyawake

 I cannot go out and buy a whole new wardrobe every two weeks. They tear holes in their closes every week!

vanes... vanessa5470

Try teaching at a Title 1 school. ::rolls eyes::

sareb... sarebear31976

I don't think that it is the dress code that is sexualizing young kids, it's the clothing that is designed for them that is sexualizing them.  I work at a middle school and it never ceases to amaze me what kids will wear to school.  The dress code requires that shorts and skirts be at least fingertip length (which is pretty short on a tall girl) and every day girls are sent to the office for violating that rule.  What is wrong with insisting that children are covered up while they are at school?  If you want your ten year old to parade around in shorty shorts and a tube top, let them do it at home.

RitzC... RitzCrackerz

I have nothing wrong with wearing sandals at school, most schools don't allow it till high school anyways. Some middle schools allow it but for PE you must wear shoes. I don't think elementary kids should wear sandals.  As for high heels if my daughter is a teenager in high school and she wants to wear them she can it's her right, as long as she has a pair of shoes just in case they break and for PE. Some schools have PJ day I am okay with that as well, if it isn't PJ day then you wear your clothes. But just because it's PJ day doesn't mean you wear something that is inappropriate either. ( saw that a lot at school growing up). I don't mind holes either just as long as it's not a big ass rip in them makes me look like I don't care that my child looks like a dumb ass. 

If I have a son and he wants to have long hair then so be it, if someone has a problem with it they can have a tissue for their issue. 

Boy's shouldn't be allowed to walk around school with their t-shirt off or do PE with their t-shirt off or well anything. If girls are not allowed to do certain things then boys shouldn't either. Sick of the double standards we have.  

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