School Says Making 'Fluffy' Kids Tuck in Their Shirts Could Damage Them

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fat kidToday's dose of what-the-hell from our nation's schools comes to us from Dallas. There the school district has been debating its student dress code. Among their rulings last week were mandates that leggings should not be worn as pants; skirts should be no higher than a girl's fingertips; and boys shouldn't be allowed to wear earrings.

I suppose we could argue the merit of each of those, but it's one policy that the school district overturned that is the most outrageous -- the one that requires students to tuck in their shirts. Staff told the school board they don't think students should be required to do so because it could damage fat kids. I'm not kidding.

Okay, so board members didn't actually use the "F" word, rather they called the students things like "healthy", or those with "a body type that was different", and even "fluffy."  Semantics aside, however, many felt that tucking in shirts could be harmful to kids who were packing on too many pounds as that would be an unflattering look for them. The Dallas Observer quoted board president Lew Blackburn as saying:

Now, I am always one to say tuck in your shirts, but it was brought to my attention that if you are, uh healthy, tucking in your shirt shows your healthiness and that's not what they wanted to do.

For a middle-school student, it could be a self-esteem issue if they are made to tuck in their shirt, because if they wear it loose, their healthiness might not show as much.

Their healthiness? Since when is there anything healthy about being chubby? Their refusal to even call fat "fat" or "overweight" is exactly what's wrong with changing a policy like this. We can't pretend kids aren't fat, and we can't act like addressing the issue when they are is wrong. While I don't believe in fat shaming by any means, I also don't think it's healthy to make it easier to be obese. Should we ban all the mirrors in case they don't like seeing their fluffiness?

I don't have any strong feelings that kids in a public school should be made to tuck in their shirts, especially as many styles today don't really work that way. I do, however, have extremely strong feelings about their justification for doing away with such a policy. It's ridiculous.

If kids are overweight we need to find ways to help them get healthy. We don't need to pussyfoot around the issue or try to help them hide beneath an untucked shirt.

Do you think this is outrageous?


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nonmember avatar kaerae

Well, I always though the mandatory tuck was unkind to pubescent boys anyway. Some of them need it for..uh..camouflage that's just as out of their control at that age as a girl's period. I think barring loose pants and un-tucked shirts in junior high is just as unfair as making girls wear white pants all month.

miche... micheledo

I think the fingertip length is crazy.  I told my youth pastor the same thing when I was in jr. high.  :D  I have SHORT arms and my finger tips barely don't even pass my butt!!!! :D  I guess I could get away with wearing super short skirts and shorts!!

nonmember avatar effyou

Umm no I think you are outrageous! I'm not thin as a stick but I am comfortable with myself ... but not so much with my shirt tucked in, I feel like my pooch is exposed. Do not judge others or else you will ultimately be judged ;)

nonmember avatar Jackie

Really? You're upset that they would refer to students as fat or overweight? You know very well that if they did indeed say those things people would have a field day claiming "how dare they". I work in a school district and kids are very self conscious even in elementary school. If being allowed to not tuck in their shirts helps, so be it. I know most of my kiddos will do anything to not have their shirts tucked in, even if it means constantly having to re-tuck it in.

mamav... mamavaness

i actually agree with this policy. overweight kids have it hard enough already

MokaM... MokaMommy

Chill out lady. You say you are against fat shaming and yet you appear to be mad that they aren't shaming the kids. 

nonmember avatar roninxian

Sure, keep coddling these over-eating, little or no exercise spoiled babies so they can grow up and complain when they have to pay for two seats on the airplane. When does personal responsibility for ones self begin? In many instances never. Thanks to this boy's mom for ruining another child.

2baby... 2babymomma

I never understood describing overweight people as "healthy". I know that fast and unhealthy and skinny and healthy don't always go together. I am in good health and I am fat but I don't see how saying I'm healthy would describe nd as

IKnow... IKnow0101

Since people come in all different body sizes, I would hesitate to call anyone fat.  You can be big boned and the healthiest and be stick thin and unhealthy.  Let's stop with the weight obsession.  Also let's be real if anyone call your child fat, you would be raising cane all across the country.

youth... youthfulsoul

I agree with the school district and disagree with you! (Seems like everyone else does too)

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