The Pros & Cons of Surprising Your Kids With a Disney Trip


We’re currently at Disney World with the kids. Unlike our first trip when we didn’t know better, we waited until the morning we left to break the exciting news this time. Unfortunately, like most other things in parenthood, it didn’t happen exactly as planned.

In case you’ve got a trip to Disney in the future, I thought I’d weigh the pros and cons of a surprise for you. The moral of the story, of course, is that you can never predict your children. And they will always find something to whine about. 


Reasons to keep the trip a surprise ...

1. Because it’s FUN to keep a secret from your children!

2. Because it would've been really cool to have had your parents surprise you like that.

3. You get to do all of the packing, especially for your fashionista of a daughter.

4. You don't have to hear the non-stop "are we there yet"s leading up to the trip.

5. Your kids will think you're pretty damn cool. At least for a little while.

Reasons to tell them ahead of time ...

1. They might suddenly start thinking this sort of thing is normal, and any day that doesn’t result in a surprise trip will be a disappointment.

2. You can get school work ahead of time and be sure they don't miss a thing.

3. They can pack themselves and they'll be the ones to blame when they have "nothing" good to wear.

4. You get to use the trip as a threat in the days leading up to it. (“If you don’t clean you’re room, we won’t go to Disney!!”)

5. Your kids will think you're pretty damn cool. At least for a little while.

Ever been to Disney? How and when did you break the news?

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