I Hurt Him By Accident

photo by LelandsMommy

In the absolute worse case-scenarios, like a mom backing up her car over a kid, etc., obviously there is an extreme level of guilt when you know that it was you who hurt your child.


But even in not so extreme cases--the everyday scenarios--accidentally hurting a child can leave you feeling horrible. An anonymous mom asked, "Have you ever hurt your child really bad?" Her 4-year-old son was throwing a tantrum and when she went to pick him up to take him to his room, he kicked and she dropped him--on his face!

I'm not sure who I hurt for more: the kid with the split lip, or mom, who is now trying to convince her child that she didn't do it on purpose (so that he likes her again one day), when it was his tantrum that got them in this mess in the first place. Just today my sometimes entirely-too-fresh-mouthed-kid, talked back to me in a way that made me want to take his head off--but instead I gave him the silent treatment. In the grocery store. Well, the crazy tantrum followed, but ever in silent mode, I coolly reached over him to get some cake icing from a shelf. CRASH! The icing came tumbling down on his head! He screams. Now I'm cuddling him and feeling terrible and praying security doesn't come to the rescue. Grrrr, what they do for attention, I tell you.

Have you ever mistakenly hurt your child?

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