Mom Sacrifices Herself to Pit Bulls to Save Daughter

pitbullEver wondered what you would do to protect your child? Would you throw yourself at the mercy of five pit bulls to keep your child safe from harm? That's what Florida mom Brandy Bookamer did this past weekend. The 27-year-old mother was hurt so badly by the attacking dogs that she had to be airlifted to a hospital for medical treatment.

But she did what she needed to do. Her 6-year-old daughter is fine. Her mom saved her.

According to reports, Bookamer and her daughter were walking near their home when the five (five!!) pits appeared. Mom yelled to the little girl to run, and she did.

That left Mom to deal with five vicious dogs, and you can imagine what happened. Her injuries, fortunately, are not life-threatening but were still serious.

Still, they were worth it. She saved her daughter. That's a mom win right there.

If there were a parenting handbook, I'm sure that would be right on the front page of rules. If there's danger present, you position yourself to take the brunt of it. Whether that's letting a pack of pit bulls maul you or purposely falling sideways when you've tripped over a toy -- so you hurt yourself and miss the child who was standing there.

Now let me just stop a second here. Pit bulls have a bad but not necessarily warranted rep, and this story doesn't help it. I've known more than a few to be very sweet, and there are plenty of stories of heroic dogs out there too.

But when unknown dogs come out of nowhere, this dog owner and lover is still wary ... especially when my daughter is around. High strung dogs tend to be set off easily by small children, with their sudden movements and high-pitched voices.

Whether we were facing pit bulls or a pack of golden retrievers, I would have done the same thing ... which is exactly what Brandy Bookamer did. I would have told my kid to run, and I would have distracted the dogs until she got to safety. Even if that meant putting my own life in jeopardy.

Have you put yourself in harm's way to protect your kid? What happened?


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LostS... LostSoul88

I would do the very same. I came close I had a car flying in the parking lot as my kids and I were walking across to get the store and I saw them coming and I pushed my kids back and the car swerved to avoid hitting me.  Of coarse the driver was on the cell phone and crashed into a cement barrier. Video footage provide my story and they lady was cited. 

jalaz77 jalaz77

I haven't had to. So glad this mom is ok.

nonmember avatar NoWay

I haven't had to... but I would die for my children if it were necessary. I wouldn't think twice about it.

happy... happymama2D

I'm so glad the mom and little girl are ok. I would give my life protecting my children, as would almost any mom, I'm sure. I know that it is easy to look at a situation and say what you would have done, but thank goodness the dogs didn't give chase to the little girl, which is typically what predators (dogs) will do. Five loose dogs of any breed would make me extremely nervous.

miche... micheledo

I have done it, but thankfully not with these horrific results. We had a bery friendly pit bull down the street from us. He came over whenever the kids were out . But they were terrified of him (and all big dogs). The would run screaming and he would jump o nthem and knoc kthem down. I don't trust ANY dog that has a child under them that is kicking, screaming, and hitting. Well ,this day I told the kids to get inside. I had a 5, 4, 2 and 1 year old outside. The dog tried to follow them inside. I got the three oldest in and was carrying the baby and trying to get him in while trying to use my body to block the dog. I tripped in the entryway amd fell to the floor. The kids were just past me, inside, but still screaming, baby in my arms, and the stupid dog was trying to climb over me to get to the kids. Granted he was still just an over eager dog at this point. But our tiny dog got protective and started going after the pitbull. I was kicking the dog trying to get it off me and out of our house, while the two dogs fought. Never been so scared in my life. Thankfully, the only damage was a sore throat from all the screaming I did!

TheMrsG TheMrsG

I've put my body between my child and an enraged subhuman idiot's fist. That is over now. It was years ago but I wasn't going to let him beat my children. Broken jaw and both eyes swelled shut but my kids were physicallly unharmed. Counseling took care of the emotional scars and the law (sort of) took care of him. I say sort of because you serve more time for harming an endangered species than you do harming a child or another adult.

Marty L Dunn

i would do the same but theedogs are a menice&should not contually be bread!!!!! they are mean&just cause they are good to owners isntenogh to have around kis&just 5 of thes things around off a chain!!!??? really,they should all be put down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie Weingand

It's not good when any kind of dog packs up. And I agree that any kind of dog could have been the breed that attacked. Pit bulls do get a bad rap as they are some of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. I am glad everyone came out of this ok. The mom is a hero in my book.

Tracy Cleveland

It is a shame that people that own Pitts can't seem to raise them right.  I have known some very sweet ones in my time but they can be very aggressive so people need to watch them all the time.  This mom did what any good mom would do.  I would die for my children if the situation called for it without even thinking about it.  Now these dogs will also be put down due to bad training on the humans part.  Sad really!

Maggie Becker

I would've done the same exact thing for my children. She was very brave for her daughter. And not for nothing...but theres a leash law..why dont ppl tame their animals especially vicious ones? Owners dont have any common sense...a lot of ppl seem to be lacking it..

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